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Tiffany Rose

RRP £79 - £499


Full flowing sheer sleeves in pretty florals steal the show, with wonderfully elegant and endlessly feminine dresses that are delicate yet strong with a go-anywhere feel. Gowns are rich and directional in luxurious peacock-coloured fabrics expertly crafted for the ultimate in style and comfort. Neat knee length lace dresses are must-haves in your maternity-repertoire, just perfect for when the invitations start coming in for the social-season.

Bridal maternity styles are elegant and unapologetically opulent, expertly crafted out of exquisite sequined tulle and the finest selection of Leavers and floral-embroidered lace. This season’s bridal collection takes a luxurious turn, as the brand builds on its design heritage to produce what is truly a stand-out collection of maternity bridal gowns. From city to country, a choice of full length gowns and knee length dresses provides something special for every wedding.


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