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The Gro Company Groromper

RRP £40.00


Great for toddlers on the move the Groromper is a one piece sleepsuit to be worn in bed in place of blankets or a duvet. It is perfect for little wrigglers aged 1-3 that need the freedom to move but kick off the covers of a duvet and a convenient sleep solution when you’re travelling.

Made of a cosy jacquard fabric to keep your child warm all night, with breathable underarms to ensure temperature regulation, the Groromper has legs to allow freedom of movement with a reversible zip for easy nappy changes.

With a foldover feet ensure toes stay warm and grippy soles make it easier to toddle around safely in the morning. If you’re on the move, the Groromper can be easily used with a five point harness and then transferred to bed without undressing making it an ideal sleep solution when away from home.


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