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Super soakers and water gun fun


It is anyone’s guess how long the sun will keep his chapeau on so we’re pulling a sickie and nipping out for a spot of super soaker action now. If you’re keen to join us please do not be let down by sub-standard pound shop water pistols, here’s our picks for H2O fun:


Super Soaker Freezefire 2.0

An oversized filler cap provides the opportunity to pop in a few ice cubes and send a shiver into your water stream. A compact blaster that’ll fit perfectly into your desk drawer, handbag, carry-on luggage so you’re ready whenever water warfare breaks.

Argos £11.99

Bunch o Balloons

Regular water balloons are rubbish. They take far too long to fill and, although the satisfying splat is always a joy you’re left wanting more, and then it is time for a tedious task. Grab a Bunch o Balloons and, hooked up to a hose, you’ll fill over 100 in under a minute.

Tesco  £9.99

Surge Mega Hydro cannon blaster

Standing four-foot high with the extended telescopic legs at full tilt this imposing blaster gives you a 360 degree swivel to send an unlimited supply of ammo. Stick the hosepipe in, squeeze the trigger, and let the grinning begin.

Amazon £15.99

Super Soaker Floodinator

Certainly has to be the standard issue for any water blaster arsenal. Asteady stream of water is sent from this pump-action number up to eight metres or so. A decent two-litre tank capacity has ours multi-tasking as an entertaining plant watering system.

Amazon £21.99

Super Soaker bottle blitz

This water blaster uses old bottles as replacement ammunition, your now not only able to stock up with back up water but you are now an eco-friendly water blaster. Great design, measly 400ml supplied bottle, we’re thinking this could be an interesting way to supply mixers at your BBQ.

Amazon £9.99

Super Soaker Soakzooka

An interesting departure in design from the Super Soaker team this one. The pump action method makes it a little lacking on accuracy but it does send an impressive stream in your targets general direction.

Smyths Toys £19.99

Splash Out

Stick a water balloon inside (some supplied), wind the timer and pass the sphere around. The timer ticks and, after some time, who knows how long, the latex sphere will pop an unleash a soaking on the holder – Such fun.

Smyths Toys  £9.99

Peter Jenkinson
I’ve an unmatched passion and dedication for trying, testing and talking about the latest and most interesting offerings from the toy market. From stepping in to host a shopping channel sales slot where the rotors on my RC chopper fell off to talking at length about a lightsaber on CNN’s flagship news show – I’ve tried plenty, and always get invited back. It is a cliché to say I’ve a face for radio but it certainly has its benefits so I’m approached plenty to wax about anything related to the toy market. Action Man from the Batteries not included market. You can find me over at

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