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Splash About Splash Jammers

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Statistics show newly toilet trained toddlers are the biggest cause of faecal accidents in pools. To combat this and facilitate potty training, Splash About created its Splash Jammers. Benefiting from the innovative design synonymous with its award-winning Happy Nappy swim nappy- a blueprint for the most effective protection against faecal pool leaks- these swim shorts act like a swim nappy but importantly don’t look like one.

Reusable, fully-tested and approved by UK swim-schools, neoprene Jammers are technically constructed with a high-back and tapered waist in specialist-pressured fabric for a comfortable, secure fit. The longer-leg design with internal silicone bands creates an effective thigh seal and the unique flexible gusset doesn’t gape, providing maximum security against faecal pool accidents, however boisterous the water play.

Wearing a swim nappy can seem a backward step for potty-trained toddlers; Splash Jammers uniquely bridges the gap between swim nappy and swimwear for stress-free toddler swimming!


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