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Pabobo Calm Ocean Musical Projector

RRP £45.00


The Pabobo Calm Ocean Musical Projector allows parents to enhance their baby’s bedtime routine. This beautiful, plush-surrounded projector has two pre-set expert sleep cycles to suit either a calm child or to help soothe a restless child. Both of these pre-sets have individual rhythms and light effects to encourage soothing and eventually lull sleep.

Calm Ocean’s soft, musical ambiance goes through three phases of descending intensity specifically designed to help baby gradually relax and drift off to sleep. These are:

  • Phase 1 – Captivate baby’s attention with lively animations and music
  • Phase 2 – Soothe baby with softer animations and music
  • Phase 3 – Time to fall asleep with minimal animations and without music

Another superb feature of the Pabobo Calm Ocean Projector is the Baby Cry Sensor. This automatically turns the ambiance projector back on if baby cries during the night. With a relaxing womb sound, this program intuitively helps to calm baby. Parents can rest assured that, if they don’t immediately hear their awakened baby, the Calm Ocean Projector will begin the work of settling baby again.


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