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Little Tree Dish and Bottle Cleaning Foam

RRP £3.99


Little Tree’s Dish and Bottle Cleaning Foam is part of the Daily Cleaning Series product line and is infused with all-natural grapefruit, tea tree, and orange extracts. This product is specially formulated to remove residue and break down grease from plates, cutlery, and bottles. The foaming pump design dispenses the soap sparingly, leading to less water consumption and wastage. In addition, the pump mechanism foams the soap mechanically instead chemically, allowing the foam to be easily rinsed off crevasses and the inside of feeding bottles. Furthermore, the foaming pump spares the need for the addition of any potentially harmful aggressive surfactants. Little Tree’s Dish and Bottle Cleaning Foam is offered in 500ml foaming pump bottles or 500ml re-fill packs.

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