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Our NHS Digital Apps listed app is unlike any other similar app available – vitally, and unlike others, ours will not stop counting movements at 10. This is because there are no set number of movements mums-to-be need to feel in a day, the important thing is that they get to know what’s normal for their baby individually!

To use, mums can simply tap the footprint every time a session of movement is felt; the app will then record these sessions. When the sessions for the day are done, the user can click save to see baby’s movements for that day.

The graphs section shows baby’s logged movements over the last 2, 7 and 14 days, and can easily swiped between to view information. The graphs are designed to help mums gain an understanding of their baby’s movements pattern.

With our app, users can also:

  • enter the details of their midwife or maternity unit
  • find out more information about their baby’s movements and what they should be expecting

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