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Incredibles 2 finally arrives


(Warning : Cliché incoming…) Doesn’t time fly by? It is 14 years since the Incredible family hit the big screen and they don’t appear to have aged one bit. They’re seemingly as popular as ever, actually more popular, breaking $650 million at the box office before they’ve even hit the UK screen. Mrs Incredible is leading the show in this instalment (which is ripe for a third), voiced by Holly Hunter. We caught the premiere this week and if you don’t like it, I’ll give you your money back.*

*subject to many complicated terms and conditions, but you’ll love it!

The merchandising bandwagon is also at full throttle. There’s some tat, but also some really superb stuff:

Jack Jack Attacks
£39.99, John Lewis

For me the star of the show, saying little but doing loads. This adorable toy can, like his on-screen character, transform from being cute to spontaneously combusting and shooting lasers from his eyes. Press on his tummy once for giggles and multiple times for him to go into all-out attack mode! Colours, lights and sounds. Go JACK JACK!

Incredibles 2 talking figures from Thinkway
£32.99, Disney Store

There’s Dash, Edna, Mr and Mrs Incredible and Violet in this set of figures – each one infused with a quote from the film and ready to utter with an interaction from you or from one of the others in the range. A clever way to get you to part with more cash, you wealthy Incredibles fans!

Incredibles 2 remote control car
£25, Disney Store

We all love a remote control car, right? A little bit of fun creating tracks with condiment jars from the cupboard, chasing the cat around, knocking over a Jenga tower? Just me then? Best bit about any R/C vehicle is that it looks good when powered down, a good replica of its on-screen idol, and this one is absolutely that. It also features working headlights and a bonnet that pops
open – bonus!

LEGO Elastigirls rooftop pursuit

The LEGO Junior range is aimed at the 4-7 year-old fans and although the build won’t be much of a challenge, the end result is a decent-looking set. Two minifigures are included with a Screenslaver and Elastigirl with extendable arm elements. Re-enact snippets from the film – avoid the spinning turbine, climb up to the rooftop, swing from the billboard and stretch out to grab the helicopter.

£19.99, John Lewis

Based on those aged robot arms we used to pick up things that we could’ve picked up far easier without, this Elastigirl mechanism has a slightly different mission in mind. Deliver a super-powered punch (well, more of a tap on the nose)! A decent way to turn off the telly or give mum/dad a nudge – extends to 18 inches!

Peter Jenkinson
I’ve an unmatched passion and dedication for trying, testing and talking about the latest and most interesting offerings from the toy market. From stepping in to host a shopping channel sales slot where the rotors on my RC chopper fell off to talking at length about a lightsaber on CNN’s flagship news show – I’ve tried plenty, and always get invited back. It is a cliché to say I’ve a face for radio but it certainly has its benefits so I’m approached plenty to wax about anything related to the toy market. Action Man from the Batteries not included market. You can find me over at

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