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As a parent, you’re told lots of different things that you NEED to do before and after baby arrives. And a whole list of things to purchase, but one of the most important things you really need can often be overlooked.

If anything were to happen to you or your partner, your first priority is going to be who looks after your children for you. Well without a will, this decision is completely taken out of your hands, and it’s down to child welfare. Though a slightly morbid subject, we think it’s one that all parents should tackle head on and should be top of your job list.

Future Life work differently to other will writing services, as they specialise in writing wills for parents with babies and young children, helping to make sure that their children’s futures are secure. The company is run by husband and wife duo, Rob and Trish Waller, and evolved from their other business which has focused on life insurances since 2002.

When I contacted Rob Waller for our first meeting, it was arranged for Rob to come to our house at a time convenient for us. The whole process was made quick and simple by someone who knows the procedure inside and out. Though it can be a very complicated thing to arrange, Rob explained things in a friendly and easy to understand way. We knew exactly what we wanted to put in our wills, making sure that our two children, with a third on the way, were provided and cared for by the people we trust, should anything happen to us. Though he didn’t make decisions for us, he was able to offer his expertise on including everything you would need in a will.

After Rob had asked us all of the questions he needed, as well as clarifying and answering any queries, he said we should have the draft will back to us by the next day at the latest. We were pleasantly surprised to receive an email with our draft wills back before 7pm that night! The wills are also accompanied by a commentary, which explains what is written in your will without all the legal jargon. Very easy to read through and make sure that everything is correct, including names and addresses. We replied that everything was correct, and were assured that our printed wills would be with us soon.

The wills arrived as signed for post, and looked professional – printed on thick, quality paper. Our only job was to sign them under witness by someone not involved in the will. We got two work colleagues to do this, so was easy enough. You could even ask a neighbour as long as you weren’t leaving them your goldfish in the will!

From start to finish, Future Life Wills have been friendly and accommodating. The whole thing has made me wish that I had done this 5 years ago when my little boy was born! Though a lot of people put it off, it’s something that is sooo important as a parent. It really is the only way to choose who you want looking after your children if you pass away.

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Simple and easy to do, friendly and helpful service and a must for all parents.

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