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Guide to feeding fussy eaters on holiday in Spain

spanish food
Eating out, trying new foods and being able to spend quality time together are some of
the highlights of a family summer holiday. But as any parent of a picky eater knows, finding food that fussy eaters with eat on holiday abroad other than chips and ice cream can be stressful.As parents start thinking of booking next summer’s holiday, the local cuisine can play a major part in holiday destination decisions if you or a family member is not very adventurous about trying new food.

Spain is the once again the number one holiday destination choice for British families because of its fantastic weather, safe and friendly beaches and family-orientated culture.

Unfamiliar dishes and a change in routine can be overwhelming but this shouldn’t put a dampener on your holiday. Spain offers plenty of simple dishes with mild flavours and familiar ingredients that will be suitable for children to try without having chips for every meal.

TOP TIPS TO TEMPT YOUR TINY TOTS is a Malaga-based holiday rental website for properties in Spain. It offers these great tips as well as some kid-friendly Spanish food suggestions for feeding fussy eaters on holiday:• Preparation – Go to Spanish restaurant before your holiday to try the food or prepare some Spanish dishes at home.

Snack Packing – Even though you can buy most English food in Spain, pack a few family favourites in your suitcase so you don’t have to worry about sourcing it when you get there.

Self-Catering – Staying in a family-friendly rental villa or apartment usually offers the most flexibility when it comes to feeding kids abroad. As well as main meals, it makes it super simple to be able to whip up snacks for your hungry brood between meals and keep to your usual mealtime routines.


spanish foodOne of the main reasons that Spain is the perfect choice for the less adventurous eaters is its tapas culture.

A tapa is a small hot or cold dish or snack in Spanish cuisine. Tapas come in different forms – hot, cold, served on a piece of bread, to name a few – and people typically order several different tapas to try. The tiny portions mean that you can be adventurous and try something new without having to order an entire meal.

Here are some tried and tested Spanish dishes and tapas that you will find in almost every restaurant in Spain that pass the taste test.

Churros and Chocolate – this is a classic Spanish breakfast dish and consists of finger licking
freshly fried crispy donut fingers which you dunk in a decadent hot chocolate thick enough to stand your spoon up in!

Albondigas – Italian, Swedish or Spanish – who doesn’t love meatballs? Spanish ones are typically served in a rich tomato sauce or a gravy and normally served with chips.

Patatas Bravas – When is a chip not a chip in Spain? When it is patatas bravas – fried potato
cubes or slices served with a mildly spicy tomato sauce and ali oli mayonnaise. Be sure to ask for the sauces on the side if you are not feeling quite so “brave”.

Empanadas – pasties with endless combinations of fillings.

Croquetas – breadcrumb-coated rolls of mashed potato in a creamy béchamel sauce
are hugely popular, especially the ham-filled croquetas de jamon variety.

Tortilla de Patatas – traditional dish of Spain, the “Spanish Omelette”, is the more robust cousin of its French equivalent. Made with eggs and potatoes it is usually served as a wedge cut from a big hefty deep tortilla, which sits pride of place on display in most Spanish tapas

Secreto Ibérico – translated as “Iberian Secret”, this melt-in-the-mouth special cut of pork cooked on the grill will have the kids, big and small, grabbing a slice before it is all gone from the plate!

Huevos Rotos – it’s certainly a mystery how huevos rotos – smashed up fried eggs with runny yolks served with chips – came to be a classic on the menu in Spanish restaurants but it is even the speciality in places like Casa Lucio – one of the most famous restaurants in Madrid – where visiting dignitaries, royalty and celebrities such as Will Smith, Pierce Brosnan and Eva Longoria have all tucked into this dish.

Calamares a la Romana – also called calamares fritos, these fried battered squid rings are so mild in flavour that even the most fish-phobic eater will be tucking in before they realise what they are eating. is the leading holiday rental website in Spain with over 12,000 family-friendly villas, apartments and country houses to choose from, whether you are planning a holiday on the one of the popular Spanish Costas or islands, a city break, or a holiday off the beaten track.

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