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Win a Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

tommee tippee

If you’re a bottle feeding mama or mama-to-be then meet the Holy Grail...the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine! Guess who has one to giveaway? WE DO!

Just as the name suggests this machine really does prepare every bottle perfectly for your baby. This nifty little machine can prepare the perfect bottle everytime in less than 2 minutes. It works with any powdered formula milk. The in-built filter system removes impurities from water and then produces an initial ‘hot shot’ of water to kill any bacteria that may be present in the formula, followed by the machine dispensing your select amount of cool water to ensure every bottle delivers the perfect bottle at body temperature.

Mums and dads love how easy, quick and handy the Perfect Prep Machine is and we can’t blame them. Anyone who uses the Perfect Prep Machine is converted and for good reason.

Our winner will get the choice of their machine in either white, black or cool blue. Which one would you pick?

To find out more about Tommee Tippee visit them at or follow them on Facebook.

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Closing date: 31st August 2017

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  • dcrabb69 00:3117/08/2017
    this is fab.
  • The Blue one is beautiful. Would love to win one for my 7 weeks old baby boy. This would be great & so much quicker 'WIN' Fabulous Giveaway xx
  • Fabulous Giveaway ?????? #WIN
  • tabbaz 09:4513/08/2017
    I would pick the white one - thank you for the chance
  • sarahkf 13:3212/08/2017
    Would love the blue one!
  • lwilliam 20:3811/08/2017
    Fingers crossed
  • lulumum2 12:4510/08/2017
    Would be useful
  • Nadine_nra 16:2209/08/2017
    Would be ideal once we go from breast feeding to bottle feeding, and I can go back to ghost hunting knowing my Lil girl will be perfectly fine with dad! :D
  • Kayleigh89 19:2308/08/2017
    Would be perfect for my little girl x
  • Trace21 17:1908/08/2017
    Lovely prize thank you for the chance :) Good luck everyone x x
  • beela 14:3808/08/2017
  • abbi 12:0708/08/2017
    Fantastic giveaway
  • courtneyk92 07:5307/08/2017
    sooo need one for my boy!!!!!! i'm going nuts keep making bottles
  • courtneyk92 07:5307/08/2017
    sooo need one for my boy!!!!!! i'm going nuts keep making bottles
  • pamhubbard 22:3206/08/2017
    Fantastic would love to win xx
  • Tri48364 13:2306/08/2017
    These are fab - love the cool blue one :D
  • Farri 01:2506/08/2017
  • UmmeQasim 12:5005/08/2017
    Would love to win
  • beaverjayne 20:5504/08/2017
    would love to win one for my eldest daughter who is due her 2nd little boy at the beginning of September ... He will be called Rowan Lee <3 .This would certainly help as ive heard such good things about the Perfect Prep machines
  • elleboj_429 18:4804/08/2017
    ???? ???? i would love one please. this is perfect for working mums like me, very efficient and reliable!
  • JenniferLince 11:3004/08/2017
    I'd say black because it's smart and sleek but fingerprints show up on it and white shows dirt please :D
  • carolepauline 21:4703/08/2017
    White please
  • Socialbutterfly 21:3103/08/2017
    White please
  • jojo69 20:5103/08/2017
    blue please
  • amy5578 14:2403/08/2017
    Would love it in Cool Blue x
  • rsJenWebb 09:3703/08/2017
    Would love this for our baby due in January. Would love the cool blue one. Thanks for the chance x
  • rsJenWebb 09:3503/08/2017
    Would love this for our baby due in January. Thanks for the chance x
  • Reb93009 08:2703/08/2017
    Cool blue for my 4th little boy :) heard realy good things about these! Joined trader in 2009 and followed ever since. Love that it gives everyone a chance to own something they might not be able to afford. Good luck everyone.
  • ariel12404 00:2603/08/2017
    Ooh, I've heard such good things about these. Would love to win the white one.
  • tracyd 23:2302/08/2017
    I would love to win a Black one please x
  • Jazz92 14:3702/08/2017
    Would love to win this in black for my little man to match my tommee tippee black feeding started set ????
  • dalia 14:0202/08/2017
    Would love to win
  • TinaDenFra 10:2702/08/2017
    Wow, these look amazing
  • deeneese 05:1402/08/2017
    Would love to win this for my baby due in November