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Win a Sleepyhead Deluxe bundle


Mums and dads, meet Sleepyhead®, a baby essential you might have seen last week on This Morning. Sleepyhead® is a multi-functional pod for babies and toddlers that has been designed to cradle baby making them feel safe and secure - almost as if they were in the womb.

It can be used as a co-sleeper, crib reducer, tummy time and changing station but our favourite thing about it is how easily transportable it is! With the summer holidays around the corner mums and dads might be travelling on planes, going to the beach or without their usual cot. Don’t worry because with the lightweight Sleepyhead® holidays are a breeze. It can be used for all of these things making your trip easier. Plus, it helps little ones settle as they will have their familiar surroundings.

Nothing helps newborns feel more snug and cozy than their Sleepyhead® and we have a bundle for one lucky winner!

The prize includes a Sleepyhead® Deluxe + Pod Pristine White Cover, mobile toy arch and a set of toys worth over £150.

Sleepyhead® has also been shortlisted in this years Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards, if you're a fan you can make it your consumer choice VOTE NOW! To find out more about Sleepyhead® visit them at

Competition entry


  • molly57 21:1305/08/2017
    What a fantastic prize.
  • PAULACHEADLE 22:0304/08/2017
    love this for my baby granddaughter
  • lynndyb 22:0304/08/2017
    Lovely for my granddaughter Dynasty x
  • hayleyjwynn 21:3504/08/2017
    Love this for my baby girl
  • elleboj_429 18:5404/08/2017
    my daughter would love this!
  • valiant 17:5304/08/2017
    This is just perfect simply adore this. Fabulous competition
  • sootyos 07:2004/08/2017
    Fab product
  • Kitara 23:4103/08/2017
    I would love to have this for my little baby girl. first time mum. buying everything from scratch are expensive.
  • hayleyw1 19:2403/08/2017
    perfect for my little girl x
  • hayleyw1 19:2403/08/2017
    perfect for my little girl x
  • shaz162 15:5703/08/2017
    Fabulous competition
  • rsJenWebb 09:3203/08/2017
    Would love this. Is on my wish list for our baby due in january so this would be amazing :) xx
  • deeneese 05:1202/08/2017
    Love this
  • melwild 02:4902/08/2017
    Baby due today, would love to win this x
  • Jordan150384 02:3602/08/2017
    Would love to win this if heard amazing things but baby budget has been reached now. Baby due in 17 days xx
  • picklestar1 23:0001/08/2017
    I'd love on of these for my little girl, I've heard they're amazing in aiding sleep.
  • dymondticket 20:2331/07/2017
    Lovely prize
  • sub65 12:0129/07/2017
  • sheona 19:5128/07/2017
    This would be fantastic for sleepovers at grandmas house, fingers crossed
  • louise1234 15:2728/07/2017
    Always wanted to buy one of these, having my 3rd so hopefully I will win, they look so comfortable
  • MAR84845 12:5228/07/2017
    Great prize.
  • familylittleco 23:3121/07/2017
    My pregnant daughter lost everything she owned in the floods in Cumbria and she had managed to save for over 2yrs of working every shift she could at work just so she could begin to start thinking about starting a family and when she finally got pregnant this item was her first buy and her friend's had raved to her on how great they were and she read all the reviews on them so was determined she was going to get one but sadly she lost everything she had bought for her unborn baby in storm Desmond and couldn't find the money to buy it all again so unfortunately she never got to use one let alone write her own review on it so fingers crossed she may get a chance finally to try one if she wins this competition to win one.
  • Belinda 11:5521/07/2017
    looks sooo cute
  • App1ecake 08:3821/07/2017
    I would love to win this as we co sleep
  • jhill1105 21:1520/07/2017
    Www lovely
  • chuichi 20:2820/07/2017
    Great competition with a brilliant prize, fingers crossed!
  • Tashafaye 10:2520/07/2017
    Fingers crossed x
  • Jazz92 18:1719/07/2017
    Voted :)
  • lwilliam 13:2317/07/2017
    Fingers crossed
  • stargazer 22:3216/07/2017
    Super cute! Our future little bubble would then be able to join her Dad and be a sleepy head too???? good luck all! ????????????????????????????
  • Lis 15:5315/07/2017
    What a fantastic product, I would love one of these for my baby boy as he loves sleeping with mummy and daddy ????
  • Sammyjo1902 18:2214/07/2017
    My sister in law is expecting her 1st baby. I have had the sleepy head and the sleepyhead grand and I wouldn't be without them. My little one has loved hers, made her feel safe and secure. I can not reccomend these enough.
  • woo 14:4013/07/2017
    I would love one for when my grand baby is born as love co sleeping with them quality time and bonding xxx
  • picklestar1 05:2213/07/2017
    What an ingenious product, I'd love to win one for my newborn.
  • katrina01 22:5112/07/2017
    Thanks I would live to win one of these sets for my newborn arriving very soon x
  • stephann 14:0312/07/2017
    Fingers crossed
  • agham 13:4812/07/2017
    <3 it
  • Kayleigh89 12:3912/07/2017
    My little princess would definitely love this x
  • Sammyann 10:4010/07/2017
    Fingers crossed! Would love to try one x
  • Charloeybizzle 20:2709/07/2017
    Nothing better than to have your own little settled sleepyhead...than a sleepyhead (deluxe)
  • Kitara 18:5209/07/2017
    would love one for my princess.
  • Farri 14:3509/07/2017
    Fingers crossed
  • amy5578 14:3409/07/2017
    Wow yes please x
  • abbi 14:3009/07/2017
    Fingers crossed
  • xxejcxx 13:3109/07/2017
    I'm starting all over again after 15years and need everything ,would love one of these ,baby due in January 2018
  • memetimms5 13:2809/07/2017
    Absolutely stunning. I really hope I win
  • susiecrete 12:3709/07/2017
    Looks so comfy my new grandson would love this x
  • UmmeQasim 12:1309/07/2017
    Love this
  • beela 10:0709/07/2017
    Amazing giveaway
  • pottydotty 10:0109/07/2017
    Would love this for my little foslings ????
  • 09:2709/07/2017
    Brilliant giveaway ????
  • deeneese 09:0909/07/2017
    Love this
  • ajtidd 08:2409/07/2017
    Amazing giveaway x
  • Welshrach 08:1009/07/2017
    Fab giveaway liked and shared tweeted this would be perfect when my twin boys arrive good luck all ???? xxx
  • dalia 18:2908/07/2017
    Perfect for our precious bundle
  • Tri48364 15:3508/07/2017
    Perfect for my baby Grandson, Jamie :D