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Win a Joie Spin 360


Car seat shopping is no easy task, which is why new parents need the help of others to make the right decision for their lifestyle. Well, the mums and dads who tested the Extended Rear Facing category in the 2016 Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards gave the Joie Spin 360 the thumbs up and the GOLD award!

To celebrate their Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards success Joie are giving a Spin 360 to one of our lucky readers. 

This car seat is suitable rearward facing from birth and will last your little one up to around four years of age. But, what do we love about this seat so much? As the name suggests it can spin to help mum, dad or grandparents to safely put their baby in the car seat, it really is a clever design! It also 5 recline positions that can be used both rearward and forward facing.

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Competition entry


  • 22:4931/07/2017
    I'm so confused with car seats, winning would be a big help :)
  • hannah87 22:4231/07/2017
    This has been on my bucketlist of things since my son was born. Would be something i could only dream of. Thank you x
  • oggy1511 21:1531/07/2017
    Just the sort of thing we are looking for
  • claireymary 20:3431/07/2017
    looks a great seat-fingers crossed
  • dymondticket 20:2531/07/2017
    Soooooooo safe and snug for my little cherub
  • EmilyVanHalen 00:4031/07/2017
    How lovely!!! I would be delighted to be your lucky winner! Thank you for the gorgeous giveaway! ??????????????????
  • hmd104 20:1430/07/2017
    Fantastic prize wow
  • jembop85 20:0530/07/2017
    Would love this for my 13 month old . . . we are currently car seat shopping as he needs his next one so this would be fab!
  • joesniff79 08:3830/07/2017
    What an amazing car seat
  • hayleyjwynn 20:4629/07/2017
    Love this for my 10 month old daughter
  • Madhatter1990 11:0329/07/2017
    I'm about to have my first baby and this would be very useful =)
  • sheona 19:4928/07/2017
    This would be great for my granddaughter
  • Shazawaroo 16:3228/07/2017
    I'd love this for my first wee baba. I'm currently looking a new seat Xx
  • louise1234 15:2528/07/2017
    3rd baby and would love to try one of these lovely car seat ????????????
  • fivekidsonemum 01:0028/07/2017
    No excuse for grandad to not to take the baby out then haha I love how it reclines I hate seeing babies with their heads falling forwards when asleep in carseats
  • FoxyOchsy 12:2127/07/2017
    I'm about to become a first time granny - want to make sure I keep the precious new arrival safe in my car!
  • DWatson93 07:5827/07/2017
    This would be amazing for my little one!! :) fingers crossed !
  • walshy 14:4924/07/2017
    Fantastic for Mum to be Daughter Laura
  • sub65 12:1224/07/2017
    this would be great for my new granddaughter who should be with us very shortly, so excieted
  • issaybon 05:3424/07/2017
    Superb prize
  • chrissy.dixon645 11:5023/07/2017
    We would love to win one of these amazing car seats! I'm currently looking for a car seat for my 4 month who hates the infant carrier! Crys every time in it! Joie is the range we will be definitely buying from
  • leesac75 00:4422/07/2017
    Would love this seat. We had a car accident and have to replace ours. Fingers crossed
  • familylittleco 23:3221/07/2017
    My pregnant daughter lost everything she owned in the floods in Cumbria and she had managed to save for over 2yrs of working every shift she could at work just so she could begin to start thinking about starting a family and when she finally got pregnant this item was her first buy and her friend's had raved to her on how great they were and she read all the reviews on them so was determined she was going to get one but sadly she lost everything she had bought for her unborn baby in storm Desmond and couldn't find the money to buy it all again so unfortunately she never got to use one let alone write her own review on it so fingers crossed she may get a chance finally to try one if she wins this competition to win one.
  • topjaq 21:5721/07/2017
    I'm 49 year old mum struggling with my back could really do with this seat. We have the joie up to age 7 really happy with the seat
  • hazzbean 15:2921/07/2017
    Lightweight, 5 positions, front/rear facing perfect for our 2nd new arrival due soon
  • Belinda 11:5421/07/2017
    Looks fantastic got my fingers crossed
  • vickijones59 09:4221/07/2017
    Would love this! Especially with baby number 2 on the way!
  • App1ecake 08:3621/07/2017
    I would love to win this as I cannot see my chunky 19 week old son being able to use his baby seat until he is 15 months old due to his size. So this would be perfect foe us esp9 as it has the spin function!
  • CoffeeScamp 00:0021/07/2017
    Yes please!! :)
  • xxmysteryangel5xx 21:1920/07/2017
    Would love to win this xx
  • jhill1105 21:1620/07/2017
  • littlefatch 11:0820/07/2017
    Would love to win x
  • Tashafaye 10:2520/07/2017
    Would love this as we are about to transition our baby girl into her big girl car seat and this would be brilliant x
  • beth_graham 17:0219/07/2017
    Have been longingly looking at these for our baby
  • faze2305 15:0819/07/2017
    daughter is expecting her first baby and this would give peace of mind that the little bundle will always be travelling safely in the car
  • Trace21 21:0117/07/2017
    I'd love this for Baby Boo thank you for the chance x
  • lwilliam 13:2317/07/2017
    Fingers crossed
  • stargazer 22:3816/07/2017
    Our future little bubble would be as safe as houses in this babytastic prize! Good luck all!
  • hollyrose 16:1115/07/2017
    We have a second hand car seat for my son and I've been told that even if they've never been in a crash it's dangerous ????, new car seats can be costly, although price is no comparison to safety I'd love to win this so we no longer have to stress about finding one we can afford!
  • Lis 16:0615/07/2017
    Fantastic prize
  • Sammyjo1902 18:2014/07/2017
    We have been looking at car seats for our little girl who is rapidly growing out of the car seat we have with our travel system. We have been recommended Joie by our friends and are very impressed with the reviews and the durability of the seats. We would love to win this car seat :) good luck everyone
  • woo 14:3813/07/2017
    I am hoping that I win one as would love this for my grandson heard so much about this car seat
  • picklestar1 05:2113/07/2017
    I'd love to win this, the seat looks amazing!
  • GemmaWright 21:2312/07/2017
    Perfect prize x
  • stephann 13:5912/07/2017
    Ive used jolie before and they are great, need a new seat for our new addition,she is our 5th child :-)
  • agham 13:4812/07/2017
    I would love it
  • Kayleigh89 12:4912/07/2017
    This would be perfect for my little girl x
  • blister 13:5511/07/2017
    These are such good seats, we had one but gave it away after first. Now in need of a new one. Well worth every penny.
  • donnydonz13 22:3910/07/2017
  • sammidaka 09:2810/07/2017
    Need this for my 12 week old baby boy. Hope I win because I never win at anything
  • xxejcxx 13:3209/07/2017
    I'm starting all over again after 15years and need everything , would love this to help us x
  • memetimms5 13:2909/07/2017
    My friend has one and it's amazing! Fingers crossed I will get one too!
  • UmmeQasim 12:1309/07/2017
    Love this
  • ajtidd 08:2509/07/2017
    This would be perfect to win for my son! Thanks for the review. X
  • Tri48364 15:3708/07/2017
    This would be just perfect for my baby Grandson, Jamie :D
  • hedders 09:3008/07/2017
    Would love to win this! This is the next car seat we are planning to buy so would be amazing to win it!
  • Chez89 10:2107/07/2017
    Yes please would love this for my girl love joie have the pram and its amazing x
  • Bdickinson 10:2107/07/2017
    Been looking at these for my little girl they look amazing
  • Belinda 21:5406/07/2017
    fingers crossed ...looks amazing my little boy would be safe and sound
  • lucymay1215 21:3406/07/2017
    Yes please :)
  • lou86 21:1806/07/2017
    Looks lovely and comfortable. My little boy would love it
  • JLC85 21:1406/07/2017
    This would be amazing for my 7month Old. We love joie products
  • LMH1 20:5806/07/2017
    Would be brilliant for Grandma's car as mum and dad already have one and love it!
  • Weezypeezy 17:2606/07/2017
    We have fallen in love with the ease of this car seat. My little one love bring in it in daddy's car and it will soon be time to upgrade to a bigger seat in mummy's. This would be the perfect prize.
  • linda1958 16:5806/07/2017
    Amazing prize.
  • Leah24 16:4906/07/2017
    This would be my dream prize right now!!
  • jademartell 16:4406/07/2017
    This would be amazing! i need another car seat that will fir into 3 seperate cars so winning this would be such a big help xx
  • nansoulini 14:5606/07/2017
    Amazing giveaway. Would love to win this.x
  • auntyann 07:5706/07/2017
    Super car seat! safety is so important
  • daisymariie 17:0805/07/2017
    Would love to win, we are hoping to rearface until 4/5 currently 19 months
  • charliefrielick 15:2705/07/2017
    This would be amazing! I've heard great reviews about this!
  • MisyyJoJo 14:1805/07/2017
    This would be just perfect for my new baby nephew when he arrives any day now :)
  • pamelagriffiths74 12:0505/07/2017
    This would be just perfect for Cole <3
  • Farri 10:2205/07/2017
    Count me please thanks
  • courtneyk92 08:0705/07/2017
    id love to win for my son ky!
  • jhill1105 08:0205/07/2017
    What a fabulous giveaway. Perfect for my 8 month old daughter :)
  • abbi 22:1004/07/2017
    Fingers crossed
  • raquers13 18:0204/07/2017
    This car seat it amazing!! Would love to win!!
  • chuichi 17:2704/07/2017
    Lovely prize!
  • Kellyloul 07:4304/07/2017
    This is an amazing car seat we have one in my husbands car, now I have just got a new car that has isofix I would love to have one too it's so much easier than leaning over to put them in.
  • beela 00:5104/07/2017
    Fingers crossed
  • 00:3604/07/2017
    I've heard such good things about this car seat would love to win this for my teeny tot
  • dalia 23:5903/07/2017
    Great seat would last up to 4 years. Perfect!
  • alchmist 22:0803/07/2017
    love this for our Vinny
  • Loopy_lou_13 21:3803/07/2017
    Fantastic prize .I'm currently looking at a new car seat how hard is now the laws have changed to get one when you're on a budget. Fingers crossed everyone
  • topjaq 21:2003/07/2017
    Being a very older mother I could really do with this seat to save my back
  • rachel1 21:0603/07/2017
    I would love to win a rearer facing car seat!! Love the colour too!!
  • melwild 21:0203/07/2017
    Being pregnant this car seat would make it so much easier getting my toddler in & out of his car seat. We love Joie seats & are currently using the I-Anchor rear facing
  • melwild 21:0003/07/2017
    Being ???????? this car seat would make it so much easier getting my toddler in & out of his existing car seat. We love Joie seats & are currently using the Anchor rear facing ????
  • fragsjones 20:4503/07/2017
    What a fabulous design and lovely coliur!
  • Kelleytrevelyan1988 20:3903/07/2017
    I would love this ????
  • nikkijp83 20:3903/07/2017
    Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway xx
  • 20:2503/07/2017
    We would absolutely love this for our little man