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Babylonia Tri-cotti Babysling Review

  • Babylonia Tri-cotti

At a glance

"suitable from birth, quick and simple to use"
  • Our Score
"may need more than one if both parents want to carry their little one, less suitable for older babies than some."
  • Our Score
    £ 55.00

Babylonia is a Belgium family run company which is independent and privately owned. If you haven't heard of them before, then you will be pleased to hear that they have been making baby slings for over 15 years and are the market leaders in Europe, so they certainly know their stuff.

What do you get?

Inside the box you receive the Tri-cotti babysling and an instruction manual


The RRP for the Babylonia Tri-cotti babysling is £55


We received the Babylonia Tri-cotti babysling in black, however it can also be purchased in sand, chocolate, red and petrol blue.

Babylonia Tri-cotti Babysling Material

The Tri-cotti is created in The Netherlands using a 100% organic cotton material, it consists of two bands of cotton. The material is soft yet quite stretchy, this is so that the sling can adjust as your child grows, ensuring that the sling will always be perfectly fitted around your little one. It is to be noted that after use Babylonia say that the material will have stretched out around 5 centimetres. The movement of the sling means that your baby is always fully supported and in turn it promotes the healthy development of your little ones hips. The only thing I would say is that I think that as your baby gets past the age of one, the sling becomes less supportive as they want to move and see what is going on around them.

What I love is how small the bands can be folded down, to about the size of a T-Shirt, making it easy to store in your changing bag when not in use.

It is fully machine washable and can easily be stretched back into shape after washing but it must not be tumble dried which can be a bit of a pain during the Winter months especially if you need it dried quickly.

Babylonia Tri-cotti Babysling Features

The Tri-cotti babysling's best feature is just how simple the patented design is, no buttons, buckles or any type of fastenings to fiddle around with. No devices that will end up digging into you or your little ones.

The other important thing to note is the fact that it comes with two separate bands that work together to form the sling rather than one sling as a whole. This can make for easier adjustment.

Babylonia Tri-cotti babysling - The Fit

The Babylonia Tri-cotti babysling is available in three sizes, small, medium and large. Babylonia say that the size of the carrier depends on the size of clothing that you wear, however they don't provide a sizing chart to show you just what size they refer to. The disappointing thing about the sizings is that if you and your partner are completely different sizes and you both plan on carrying your little one, it would mean that you need two carriers.

The Tri-cotti can be used right from birth and because of the materials stretchy nature, it is perfect if you breastfeed your child.

It can be worn in three positions depending on how old your little one is :

• Foetal position: This position is perfect for when your child is newly born.

• Upright position: Suitable from when your little one is around 2-3 months old, lets you be close to them whilst leaving you with your hands free.

• Hip position: This position is suitable from when your baby reaches 5 months. It is similar to the upright position but allows your little one to look around at their surroundings a lot more easily.

With each position you start with the bands in the same general position. It didn't take very long at all to work out how to use it as the instruction manual is so clear and precise. The bands are nice and wide and it means that they provide a great support to your back as well as to your little one. Each position supports your little ones natural posture and because the bands are nice and wide, it is simple to keep your baby in the correct knee to knee positioning.

Babylonia Tri-cotti Babysling Conclusion

The Tri-cotti is a really well designed sling. I love how easy it is to use, there really is nothing complicated about it. Perfect for giving you that closeness with your little one. There are two things that make it not as perfect for me. One is the fact that there are different sizings and the fact that they don't give you a good explanation of how to pick the correct size for you. In the booklet Babylonia suggest that if you have bought a Tri-cotti and you find it too big that you can take it in by sewing it - for me this would make an uncomplicated sling suddenly complicated. Secondly, even though Babylonia say that it is suitable for babies up to 15 months, I feel that after a year old, the babysling loses some of the support that it provides so well when your baby is smaller.

Overall it is a lovely carrier and if you want a sling that won't have you baffled when trying to fit it, then the Tri-cotti babysling is the one to look at.

We give the Babylonia Tri-cotti Babysling 4 out of 5 stars.