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Tiffany Rose Willow Maternity Dress

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"Excellent quality, versatile, lovely fit."
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"Bold pattern of this design may not be for everyone (however the do have alternatives)."
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    £ 129

Award winning maternity clothing brand, Tiffany Rose offer pregnant women the chance to wear elegant, beautiful and well made designs. Mum-to-be Sarah decided to try one of their beautiful dresses, their Willow dress in the floral Midnight Garden print but did they live up to her expectation of a luxury award worthy brand?

FIRST IMPRESSION: When the dress first arrived I was a bit apprehensive about the pattern. I normally shy away from anything too bold as I like to blend into the background. However, being pregnant has also made me more adventurous with patterns and colours as the fit and comfort have become more important than my aversion to anything a bit more daring.

Aside from the pat
tern, I immediately loved the feel of the dress, the quality and the fact that it is made in Britain is an added bonus. I think it's great to be able to support manufacturers in the UK.

STYLE: The dress oozes style and sophistication. It is gathered under the bust which accentuates my baby bump, which I liked but may not be to everyone's taste. I love the flare in the bottom of the dress and think it moves really nicely. It fits well to my pregnancy shape without being too clingy or tight.

The floral pattern is really lovely, the colours of the flowers are vibrant and the deep blue of the dress is very versatile. I think the colours would work in any season so would suit mums-to-be at any time of the year.

USE: The fit of the dress was perfect and it was super comfortable, even when worn for long periods of time. I think the soft material and stretch in the fabric helped with comfort.

The quality is impressive, with a full lining which helps the dress to keep it's shape and not crease. This was also nice for a bit of extra warmth when stepping out on a cold winter's morning. The same can be said for the 3/4 length sleeves.

It's also suitable for lots of different occasions, being smart-casual for the day yet stylish and colourful for more special occasions. I worn it lots o
ver the Christmas period for festive parties and gatherings and I'm already planning to wear it to my friend's wedding when I will be nearly 8 months pregnant.

FEATURES: I really liked how much the dress showed off my baby bump. Many of my other maternity clothes are quite baggy so it was great to have a key wardrobe item that was cut in a different way. I wore the dress to a work event and received lots of compliments on my nice outfit, which demonstrates its appeal.

The rich blue colour was of particular appeal to me. I like to try and experiment with colours and not just rely on black and grey, but as a redhead there are some that I have to steer clear of (yellow and pink in particular). The blue is very elegant and works well with different colour shoes and accessories.

GOOD TO KNOW: The dress looks great with both heels and flats, so it will suit mums-to-be with different tastes and needs during their pregnancy. The price tag is a bit heftier than some high street stores, however the dress is exceptional quality and very versatile, so it wouldn't need to just be worn once and then left in the wardrobe.

The Willow maternity dress is also available in other patterns and colours, so if florals really aren't your thing then don't pass this gorgeous dress because there is more than likely something more suited to your taste.

CONCLUSION: I would definitely recommend this dress for its quality, comfort and style. The cut is very flattering over baby bump and pregnancy curves, which I enjoyed, but may not be to everyone's liking. The colour, pattern, style and fabric make it a great versatile option to have in your maternity wardrobe ready for work, nights out, special occasions or just a day when you fancy wearing something a bit special.



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  • sunferralouise 07:1503/04/2017
    So pretty when you might feel you need a boost
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