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Hama Beads Christmas Time Review - Charlotte Walker

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"Wide range of patterns, 24 activities - one for each day of Advent. Comes with two boards. Good family activity. Educational."
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"Different colours should come in seperate bags."
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    £ 17.99

My sons Jack (6), Tom (4), and I have been using this Hama Beads Christmas Set over the weekend. We’ve found it to be a great family activity, especially as Tom needed a little help since he is just below the suggested age.

Both boys enjoyed picking which patterns to follow and recreating them on the peg boards. Jack followed the patterns really well and spent ages concentrating on them - it’s the quietest and calmest he’s been all year! I was “allowed” to help with finding the right beads and with using the iron “Mum… It says you have to do this bit!”

They are enjoying them so much they have taken some of the finished patterns to school to show off and put on the Christmas tree as decorations - they want to do the same with the rest at home!

I've had a good play with them too. I've made a Snowman and a Christmas Tree. The kids are insisting that we all chip in with making Santa though. I think it's safe to say we'll have a fabulous looking tree come Christmas Eve with our new Hama Bead decorations.

We loved the wide range of patterns, Jack noticed that because there are 24 they could do one for every day of Advent. But we were enjoying it so much we made 5 in one evening… in November!  

Having two peg boards meant that both boys could make things at the same time, so there were no arguments. The key process of the activity requires an adult's help which makes it a great family activity. Making the patterns sparked conversations about why the iron makes the beads stick, and why you need to put paper on the beads first. Play Time became a Science Lesson without them even noticing. However, both boys quickly got fed up of trying to find the colour they wanted in the two mixed bags of beads. They roped Dad into sorting them into separate bags!

 - Charlotte Walker and sons from Lancashire