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Cosatto Supa Dupa Review

At a glance

"Colour; Self Standing; Easy clean; Extendable sunshade; Compact umbrella fold; One hand seat recline; Adjustable handles"
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"Small seat units; Felt quite heavy to push and steer"
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FIRST IMPRESSIONS : Having been used to fairly top end pushchairs I thought that this stroller would not be that great considering its price. However, I was pleasantly surprised - it felt good quality from the outset.
It was easy to put together and the instructions were clear, and didn't take very long to assemble.

STYLE: The colour of this stroller was one of my favourite things ( we had the pixalated, but there are lots of other designs). It was bright and cheery, turned a few heads and got lots of comments. The yellow inserts in the wheels also helped the overall style and added to the funky design. The matching footmuffs were a great asset.

USE: Generally I found the Cosatto easy to use, which is something I needed with having twins!
The independent seats were easy to recline by simply pulling a handle at the back of the seat, they had several recline positions and a virtually lie flat position making it great for my 12 week old twins. The reclining calf supports helped with the lie flat position. The head huggers helped to stop their heads wobbling about too much. The viewing window was also great and helped in taking that sneaky peak when trying to get them to nap. In its most upright position I felt it offered a good comfortable viewing position from which children would be able to get a good view from, without too much peering over the side.
The 5 point harness felt strong and secure, although I did feel that for my babies another height position would have been nice as they did slip down a bit, and the strap protectors were quite big and bulky when using it with small babies. Fastening and unfastening the harness was quick and easy.
The stroller was extremely easy to fold, and folded in the typical umbrella fashion, by pulling up the 2 levers at the back (which could be done with your foot) and pressing down on the red lever and pushing the chair down. Done in 20 seconds. It also stood by itself when folded, by using its 'feet' and the clips. I never experienced any problems with the fold or unfold. It fitted easily into the boot of my car, (albeit heavy to lift in) and was easy to store at home too.
The stroller felt strong and stable. It had 3 swivel wheels at the front and 3 static wheels at the back, these were lockable so good for tight spots. I found it reasonably easy to manouvre, but more so on the tarmac or pavements. I found on grass, it was more difficult to push and felt that this would get more difficult as the babies got heavier. It wasn't very easy to push with one hand, so struggled holding my toddler sometimes when he needed to be close, as well as pushing the stroller. On stones, and sand you had to drag it, which was difficult, but it's not an all terrain stroller so this was to be expected.
The stroller was fairly narrow, and fitted through most of the doorways I went through, although this made the seat units quite narrow and my toddler wasn't able to fit into the seat and be comfortable.
The handle bars were slightly adjustable, meaning that it suited both myself (who is fairly short) and my husband who is a little taller.
The brake was simple to use and held the pushchair well when stationary or on an incline. There were 2 little baskets underneath, and although not huge, were able to carry a few bits of shopping, however, these were quite difficult to access when the seats were fully reclined. The 2 added bottle warmers were a nice touch and kept the bottles warm and ready to go. The cup holder fitted on both sides, so good for leftys too! The footmuffs felt to be of a high quality and I felt that these would keep my babies lovely and snug in the winter.
The Extendable UPF50+ protection sunshade hoods were brilliant and offered virtually full coverage of my babies when the were in the stroller. The speaker pocket at the back was great for my phone and I could plug it in if i wanted to play my babies music.
The fabric was easy to clean with a simple wipe down and the seats popped off making it easy to get to some of the hard to reach parts.

FEATURES: I loved that this stroller felt sturdy and the fabrics felt high quality. The peep holes on the back were good, especially as this is a world facing stroller.
I loved all the little extra bits that came with this stroller - The footmuffs finished off the stroller nicely and would offer a snug and protected place for my babies in winter. The bottle warmers and cup holders were a great little added bonus and something i've usually only seen on more expensive systems, or had to pay extra for.
The extendable hood was brilliant and I felt this offered a real sun free environment for the babies, without the need for another cover.
My only gripe was that this stroller felt quite heavy to push with two 12 week old babies in it, I think it would be very heavy to push when they got bigger.

GOOD TO KNOW: The raincover goes on quickly and easily, which is what you need for the British summer!
The cup holder when attached does make the stroller wider so it sometimes struggled with some narrower doorways which it would've gone through without the holder attached.
I do feel that for the price tag, you get a good quality stroller with lots of extras.

YOUR CONCLUSION: The Cosatto Supa Dupa is great value for money and I love the fact that it comes with so many extras included. I do feel though that this would be most suitable for small children and babies of about 6 months and up; I'm not so sure that larger toddlers would be very comfortable. It is also a rather heavy stroller.
If you spend alot of time 'off piste' then this is maybe not for you, but if you are in a town /city with small children then this would be the ideal double stroller for you, especially for the money!


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