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We are looking for a family to test the BabyStyle Oyster Zero

Do you fancy trying out an ultra lightweight stroller? We are looking for a family to put the BabyStyle Oyster Zero to the test.

Shortlisted in the Single Stroller under £250 category in the Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards the BabyStyle Oyster Zero definitely packs a punch. It can tackle city streets and afternoon park strolls with its large back wheels and the lightweight chassis and compact fold make it perfect for public transport too.

This stroller has a fully reclining seat making it suitable from birth and it can be converted into a travel system with the addition of car seat adaptors.

Please get in touch if you would be interested in trying out this stroller by submitting an application HERE by Friday 21st July 2017.


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  • Flozie 08:2126/07/2017
    Would love to test oyster zero
  • 21:1922/07/2017
    Love this
  • weelinzi123 08:2722/07/2017
    Would love to try oyster zero out having 4 kids 7,6,4 and 1 I have had gd few prams and would love to review one.
  • familylittleco 23:5221/07/2017
    My pregnant daughter lost everything she owned in the floods in Cumbria and she had managed to save for over 2yrs of working every shift she could at work just so she could begin to start thinking about starting a family and when she finally got pregnant a pram was her first buy and her friend's had raved to her on how great this make of pram is. and she read all the reviews on them so was determined she was going to get one but sadly she lost everything she had bought for her unborn baby in storm Desmond and couldn't find the money to buy it all again so unfortunately she never got to use one let alone write her own review on it so fingers crossed she may get a chance finally to try one if she wins this competition to win one. and us as a family would love to help her out if we could but as we all live in the same house and as we lost everything we owned in the floods we have had to prioritise spending to buy vital things first so some of the things we have bought for her unborn baby have had to come of selling sites but a new pram would be a lovely surprise for her and she would be elated with it so all 11 of us are keeping our fingers and toes crossed. But it looks like a superb pram and finally good luck to everyone that has entered for the chance to be given one as a trial.
  • topjaq 21:5221/07/2017
    We walk two to three times a week around 6-10 miles along road and cycle tracks. We live in South Wales the weather can change within minutes so need good rain covers and a place to keep them. Also we like to pick up some shopping when we're out and about so need a nice basket to carry the essentials
  • deeneese 14:0721/07/2017
    Good luck ????
  • Tsp8 10:2421/07/2017
    I have a new born due in 14 days, a 1 year old and a 3 year old, I'm also an experienced product tester (2 years) so I can give you a professional opinion. I also don't drive so use a stroller constantly
  • Bathinmilk 08:5821/07/2017
    I am a bit of an Oyster pushchair megafan. The Oyster 1, Max and now 2 have all passed through our household and I would be delighted to review the flash new zero, especially comparing it to it's predecessors! Me and my buddies, K is 3 and M will be 1 on Saturday, love going on bear hunts through forests and treasure hunting for toys in and out of shops, so the buggy would get an obstacle course of a typical mum life. As a blog and childrens book writer, I also have the chatty, accessible review style that your readers will love! Can't wait to meet the Zero xxx
  • fork 08:4821/07/2017
    My son Oscar turns 1 today and my daughter Darcy turns 2 tomorrow. We often use a double pram but a single pram would be useful now my daughter is walking more. We go out everyday, visiting parks and lots of other places. I'm sure we could give this a good test. :-)
  • Sianbsweet  08:3821/07/2017
    I have a 13 month old son and I'm a childminder so can test with a range of ages!
  • laurafreeth89 08:2521/07/2017
    I would love to test the baby style oyster zero with my 13month old. We are looking to swap our silver cross for a more lightweight compact pushchair.
  • Lucie1979 08:0921/07/2017
    I have a 12 week old baby boy and we would love to test this out for you. We have a huge, not lightweight chunky pram at the moment. I also blog so could review it on there too if necessary.
  • App1ecake 08:0321/07/2017
    I would love to test the babystyle oyster zero with my 19 week old baby. To see if it truly is as lightweight as they say as I have a back problem and would like to see just how easy it is to push and manoeuvre
  • andie 07:5621/07/2017
    I would love to try this out.. we do a lot of walking on all surfaces.
  • HannahHannah 07:4421/07/2017
    Would love to test drive this, having two young children we can put it through its paces!
  • haas19 07:4221/07/2017
    Yes please I could give this a great test as we love getting out for walks
  • jodiela123 20:4720/07/2017
    Hello, Myself, my daughter Elsie and my partner feel we could be your perfect candidates! With my partner at work it leaves me most days without a car. We have a beautiful 3 in 1 travel system but sometimes would live the comparison of a simple travel system. I live in a town centre which is a short walk away however I also live in an area of outstanding natural beauty, The cannock chase forest. When walking around here this would be the perfect test for both the chassis and wheels. My daughter is 14 weeks so plenty of time ahead to test it out! ????
  • RUBYMUM 18:5420/07/2017
    Would love this for our new arrival x
  • Hels 13:5713/07/2017
    Yes please -this looks like a good pram- hard to find a good pram these days
  • satch 06:1613/07/2017
    This would be awesome to test on my little one when she arrives!!
  • Fionahunt1 20:2812/07/2017
    Love to try the pram please been looking for one of these lovely like to try new things and give Fred back too you so pick me please