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The little bags that make life a doddle

Parenting is messy. There’s messy food, even messier play, an abundance of ‘things’ to buy and store, ten million items to tidy up and even more jobs to juggle every single day.

So whenever a product comes out that helps busy parents who would benefit from a little less mess, it gets a big, fat ‘yay’ from us! Introducing DoddleBags: the 100ml reusable plastic bags that will make your life a doddle.

These tiny, leak-proof bags of awesomeness, which have choke-proof caps, can be chucked in the dishwasher and reused up to 50 times. Just perfect for weaning, they can be filled with purees, drinks or jellies of your choice and chucked in the fridge or freezer. And – if you attach a DoddleSpoon to the bag – you can just grab it and feed your little one on the go, with no need to pack your bag with clunky plastic boxes, bowls and cutlery. Once empty, they are pretty much flat, which is perfect considering how much us parents have to lug around in our bags. DoddleBags are the perfect mess-free, fuss-free solution to weaning.

But the awesomeness does not end there. If you buy a clever DoddleBrush to attach to the bags, you can fill them with paint and let your kiddies enjoy an afternoon of messy play, without the mess!

DoddleBags are also great for decanting liquids into when you travel as they are the perfect compact size for your liquid allowance on a plane.

We love these – and can’t imagine how we ever lived without them!


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