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Social Network for kids – a hoax or a real thing

Ever heard of a social network for kids? No? Couldn’t have because there isn’t one.
A company by the name of PlayRhymes intends to launch the first, one-of-its-kind social network intended for kids under 13.

With technology, everything around, is becoming digitalized, often leaving the young kids behind with an iPad xor iPhone connected to the internet unsecure, exposed and susceptible to malicious content, and malicious people more so. PlayRhymes presents a unique AI powered platform for both parents and kids that gives children a safe online experience with an active parent oversight to monitor them. It is always a big issue for parents to keep an eye on their kid’s online activities without coming out as parents who “hover” too much.

It has taken this initiative to provide parental control over their kids to monitor and manage their activities online through this smart platform helping in bringing up socially and physically literate kids. It undertakes a unique approach to mingle with kids without letting them know that you are
monitoring them.

Recently, they have been nominated for best innovation and best parenting app for 2018 in The Family Awards on Mumii and with a vision of becoming the world’s Largest social network for kids and toddlers under 13, they sure seem like they would go beyond stars to live up to this laurel.

With advanced features like Play Cloud, Play Network and Play Bots, children can store and share pictures videos and other content with their play mates and family and also chat with an AI based bots.

The likes of Facebook Instagram and twitter, bring along many concerns regarding children’s online activities as to what they might be watching, sharing and consuming. The brains behind PlayRhymes hopes to removes such concerns by placing appropriate filters in place for safe, centralized and streamlined interaction.


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