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The key to waking up feeling happy and fresh is getting a good night’s sleep and that includes baby. So, this week we wanted to show you a few of our favourite sleep essentials right now for your baby. Whether you are looking for a place for them to nap or need something to help them to unwind, here's our shortlist...

If you haven’t used a sleeping bag for your little one yet then it’s worth checking out the ergoPouch Sleep Suit. It will keep your baby warm and safe without needing extra blankets and our favourite thing about the ergoPouch is that it can convert from a sleeping bag to a sleeping suit. Simply use the zippers to change the bag into legs making it perfect to use in the pram or car seat too. This one is a 1.0 TOG and with the short sleeves it is designed for summer temperatures. Made from soft organic cotton sheeting it is gentle for your babies skin.

If you’re expecting and looking for a place for your little one to snooze when they arrive, then how about a 3 in 1 crib? The SnuzPod works in three different modes so in the early days you can work out which suits you without needing to buy a new crib. You can use it as a bedside crib, bassinet or as a standalone.

How many times have you had to wake a sleeping baby to get them out of their car seat? With the Snugglebundl this doesn’t have to be the case. It’s clever design allows mum or dad to lift baby up without disturbing their bap and parents can even safely rock them back to sleep (if they do wake up).

The Gro-hush is one of our all time favourite sleep aids for your baby. It's a portable white noise baby calmer that will help soothe them into a snooze. You get to pick between three different calming sounds which are heart-beats, ocean waes or rain failing which are pre-set to a safe volume to protect those little ears.

What better way to get ready for bed than a nice bubble bath? The Johnsons Baby bedtime range is scented with a touch of lavender to help them to begin snoozing off. Johnsons have everything you could need to have your babies skin silky soft, including shampoo, baby powder, wash, oil and cream. You can buy the whole range separately but they also have these sweet good night kisses gift sets. It contains everything to give your baby a warm bath, gentle massage and a bedtime read and cuddle with the owl toy and book.


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