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It’s June this week and the sun has been roasting which must mean it’s summer! With the wonderful weather and summer holidays creeping up on us we’ve been checking out some pretty cool outdoor toys to prepare you for plenty of family time in the garden.

Let’s face it, children love mud, whether that be digging for worms or jumping in dirty puddles, they absolutely love it! That’s why when we saw My Mud Kitchen for the first time we knew this would something to tell you about. These guys create outdoor wooden play kitchens designed especially with mud pies in mind. Each kitchen is lovingly made in Yorkshire and include everything your little one might need for a busy day of mud making! There’s stainless steel bowls, colanders, spoons, jugs - the full works. It’s perfect for letting them be playful and imaginative in the garden whatever the weather, I mean playing in the mud when it’s rainy only makes it more fun!

As far as ride-on toys goes, this is a cracker! Your little one could have their own electric tractor for the garden that really does look like a mini John Deere. Plus, in the eyes of a child it has all the farming essentials, double rear wheels for the bumpy fields, a removable toolbox, a cupholder for refueling and a working horn and FM radio! Peg Perego really have smashed it with the John Deere Dual Force.

Bubbles are so fun, but just wait until you check our Dr Zigs because they are the masters of bubbles. The kits Dr Zigs sell make absolutely huge bubbles that will keep your children busy all day long. Although a lot bigger they are still easy to make but pack about 100 times more fun (if that’s possible)! If you keep your bubble mix in a sealed container it will last for a very long time.

If your garden has enough space and your little ones love being outdoors, it might be time for a playhouse. So, there’s lots of different options but we bet you’ve never seen one like this pirate galleon from TP Toys. Your children can explore the ship, become the captain or walk the gangplank in this fun playhouse, it even comes with two sails one which is pirate themed.

No garden is complete without a swing and although a traditional swing is great we LOVE this Family Awards gold winning create your own swing set from Plum Toys. When you start building your own swing set you have to select between a single, double or triple frame (so think wisely) and then you can add the accessories. There’s a trapeze swing, 2 seat glider, climbing ladder and plenty of other options too and they are all interchangeable. It’s great because you can buy a different accessory at birthdays or Christmas without having to replace the whole frame. Just chop and change and let them swing away in the garden.


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