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Lock & Lock – One of the Family

Lock & Lock has for many years been the byword for quality when it comes to food storage containers, and has been a mainstay in kitchen cupboards, fridges and freezers in homes up and down the UK since it was introduced nearly 20 years ago. It’s easy to see why when you examine what families want in a product such as this…reliability, quality and choice.

Whether it’s baby food, everyday school or office packed lunches or leftovers from the Sunday dinner, families need to know that the containers in which their food is stored are 100% air and watertight, leak proof and free of any harmful chemicals. Lock & Lock delivers exactly that.

It wasn’t done by accident either.  Lock & Lock were the first to invent the 4-sided lockable lid with double walled silicone seal; a technology rigorously developed over time and designed to create their world famous, patented air & watertight seal that does one thing better than any other brand…keep food as fresh as the day it was made.

Lock & Lock also has more shapes and sizes than any competitor. Over the years the family unit, and their eating habits, have evolved and Lock & Lock made a conscious decision to evolve with them - developing ranges to meet these challenges head on. Ranges like their stylish Freezer and Oven-safe glass cookware that aid home cooking, the latest hydration products (water bottles, infusers etc) for the physically active or their brand new, shatter proof and stain resistant range of premium containers ‘Clearly Lock & Lock’, which looks exactly like glass, but is less than half the weight.

Of course it isn’t just food storage which has made the brand what it is. These containers are just the thing for keeping children’s bedrooms tidy by neatly storing Lego bricks or other small toys; or for the arts and crafts buffs who need somewhere to keep their needles, threads, adhesives and other supplies. They’re also ideal for Grandad, toiling away in the shed and needing somewhere safe to keep his nails, bolts and screws.  Whatever the occasion, Lock & Lock has been helping to keep the family unit organised and firing on all cylinders for many years.

That’s Lock & Lock in a nutshell; innovative, multi-functional and developed over time to ensure the finest quality. The end result is a brand you can trust, and products that can be used again and again every single day of the year without fear of failure. So from babies to grandparents, from the first day of school to the last day of university; from career driven professionals to the largest of families and for every occasion you can think of- Lock & Lock has been with you every step of the way. It doesn’t just help the family…it’s part of the family.


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