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How to save money on your baby and toddler essentials

Parents are always on the lookout for a bargain. Now, thanks to Peddler, the world’s first crowd-buying marketplace, they can save an average of 30% to 40% on household brands such as Dyson, Tommee Tippee and BabyBjorn.

Peddler lets you buy items with other people to get exclusive discounts direct from suppliers. By teaming up with like-minded shoppers, whether it’s people on your social network, close friends or your NCT group, you can save money on the products you love.

As well as snapping up items already listed, you can also suggest the product you want from anywhere on the web. If enough people in the community want the same product, Peddler contacts its suppliers and lists it on the website.

Founder James Klymowsky commented: “We created Peddler to encourage shoppers to connect and bring consumer costs down through people power."

"Why buy a product for £300 on your own if you can get it for £200 by teaming up with eight other like-minded people who want the same thing?”

“The world is more connected than ever and crowdfunding has been a fantastic social empowerment tool for entrepreneurs and business. However, it seemed strange to us that people were still buying products online on their own. Levels of social connectivity, like we see in so many other industries, hadn’t transferred to e-commerce yet.”

Peddler already has over 350 offers available worldwide and is powered by its social community who inform what products are listed on the site. Popular categories available include baby and children’s products, homeware, technology and fashion.

With over 120 merchants and offers discounts across 20 countries, including the United Kingdom and the Netherlands there is something for everyone. Future plans include selling a range of vehicles and holidays via the platform to spread crowd buying across all consumer purchasing.


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  • liliywil 12:0113/12/2017
    Absolutely agree with Carolhere. This is such a great chance for us to buy what we are really craving for. There so many of us looking for this type of new ways of purchasing and I'm glad its finally here.
  • carolhere 11:2813/12/2017
    The concept is really cool. It's a great opportunity to buy what we really need for an affordable price. Sure worth trying this out.
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