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Has your child come home from school with sunburn?

This week not only has the sun been out and it’s making us excited for summer but it is also Sun Awareness Week. We all hear about the dangers of SPF and UV rays but did you know that 1 in 5 UK children are sunburnt whilst at school or nursery?

Research conducted by sun protection brand Garnier Ambre Solaire revealed that 20% of children will return home from school or nursery with sunburn, with one third of them being sunburn once a week during the summer.

Many schools and teachers are not allowed to apply sun lotion directly to the children they look after. 64% of parents are aware their children either do not understand how to apply sun lotion properly, or know they need extra help with doing so. However, teachers are often not able to help apply the lotion due to regulations.

Over two thirds of parents want rules relaxed to ensure teachers can help their children apply sun lotion, would you feel comfortable with your little ones teacher applying sun lotion for them?


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