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Best baby books

Parenting should definitely come with a manual but, for some unfathomable reason, it does not. So here we all are, desperately reading around trying to uncover the answers to our parenting questions, woes and struggles (which, by the way, are real).

Recently, there’s been a surge in brilliant parenting books by bloggers, celebrities and therapists, all of which will at best, give us the great advice we need and, at worst, raise a smile. Here are our top five best baby books.

How to Grow a Baby and Push It Out by Clemmie Hooper

If you haven’t heard of Clemmie Hooper, Google her immediately. A  hilarious midwife and mum of four, she’s the lady behind well-loved blog Gas&Air and now this superb book. Containing everything you need to know about pregnancy and birth, straight from the midwife’s mouth, Clemmie shares her tips and tricks – with a large helping of humour – ranging from how to prevent tearing during birth, to what to pack in your labour bag.

Happy Mum, Happy Baby: My adventures into motherhood by Giovanna Fletcher

This is an uplifting read by Celebrity Mum of the Year, vlogger, TV presenter and actress Giovanna Fletcher. Focusing on the journey of becoming a mum, including the physical changes, mental and emotional challenges, and the wonderful bits, too, she shares an honest and personal account of her own experiences of having a family. She’s infectiously positive; you’ll love reading this.

The Unmumsy Mum Diary by Sarah Turner

Who doesn’t love The Unmumsy Mum? This wife, mum, blogger and author is a laugh-a-minute, and this book’s no exception. You’ll be crying reading her warts-and-all account of bringing up her two young boys; she shares the good and the bad, the tears and the tantrums, the squeals and the giggles – and the tough, emotional bits such as the day her little lad starts school. It’s a must-read!

Commando Dad: How to be an Elite Dad or Carer by Neil Sinclair

A great gift for the man in your life, Commando Dad is an indispensable training manual for fatherhood’s latest recruits. Loved by Prince William and super dads across the globe, it’s a no-nonsense guide that gets new dads through the first 24 hours and teaches them the skills they need to prepare, plan, feed, clothe, entertain, boost morale and much more, on an ongoing basis.

Grow! by Trevor Silvester

Therapist Trevor Silvester has taken his 20 years’ experience as a therapist and channelled it into this book about how to raise happy children. A witty writer, he tells us why parents need to nurture themselves and overcome their own limitations so that they don’t pass them on to their children. He has eight parenting mantras, which take lessons from science and the therapy room to help us improve our children’s wellbeing.

Inside Out Parenting by Dr Holan Liang

Self-esteem is the essential core of children, the foundation on which they build their social interactions, emotional stability, behaviour and self-control. Dr Holan Liang has built a book that encourages bringing up children your from the inside out. It puts exterior results like exams and achievements aside to focus on building their self-esteem.



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