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ASDA Little Angels Swim Pants

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Little Angels Swim range features nappies and pants, which are super soft and secure for confidence in the water. For maximum comfort when wet, our Swim Nappies and Pants feature special technology ensuring they retain their shape while wet. Super-soft leg cuffs are gently elasticated to contain and help prevent leaks. We know how excited you’ll be to take your little one swimming, that’s why our XS Swim Nappies feature tab fastening at the front like a nappy for a snug fit on smaller babies so you can take your little one swimming, however old they are! Equally, we know what a complex task changing a little one can be when they’re wriggling around so our Swim Pants feature easy-tear seams for fuss-free changing – so that’s one less thing to worry about. Peace of mind when taking your little one swimming, so both you and baby can enjoy splash time!


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