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Original Konfidence Swim Jacket

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This year Konfidence celebrates the 20th anniversary of the ‘Original Konfidence Jacket’. Today the swim jacket, which retains its original core design including the bright iconic yellow high–visibility back, is sold all over the world and is the number one learn to swim jacket with adjustable buoyancy in Europe.

The principle behind Konfidence’s Swim Jacket is to help children aged from 18 months+ learn to swim safely and with confidence. The Jacket’s British design uses an easy to use eight removable float system, which allows buoyancy to be reduced gradually as children become more confident in the water.

Unlike most other swimming aids, the Jacket can’t easily be removed as it fixes around the wearer’s torso and, most importantly, below the water line. This provides the stability to give the wearer confidence and freedom in the water, whilst crucially allowing their arms to remain free and unencumbered, helping them to learn and practice swimming strokes.


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