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pabobo Star Projector Calm Ocean

Category: Sleep Aid For Baby

Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2017 Award 2017

Unique Selling Points:

The Dynamic Aqua Projector
Dive into a soothing submarine world.
Calm Ocean projects a beautiful submarine environment,
mixing underwater effects and swimming fishes, with a soft
musical ambiance.
Thanks to its sleep expert cycles, Calm Ocean is really
efficient to soothe children. It proposes 2 scenarios that fit all
child, from calm to restless ones. The phase 1 captivates baby’s attention, the phase 2 soothes baby and the phase 3 allows the child to fall
Last, the optional “baby cry sensor” turns-on automatically the ambiance projector if the baby cries during
the night. With a relaxing womb sound, this program calms down the child and parents don’t have to wakeup!

Some of the reviewers thoughts:
  • Sophie , Derbyshire

    We've always considered a projector for our children to soothe them to sleep but for some reason dismissed them when it came down to it. Having used the Pabobo ocean star projector for just a few weeks, we have no idea why we didn't purchase one sooner! It hasn't just helped with getting our baby to self-soothe but it has also helped dramatically in controlling the sleeping patterns of our 2 1/2 year old toddler. The projector is very easy to use and is soft in case baby want to touch it/ toddler wants to cuddly it. The images that it projects around the room are really clear and mesmerising to us as adults not to mention to our baby and toddler! At nearly £50, the price may be a touch higher than we would pay, however considering it could be used into toddler-hood, you do get more value for money than we initially anticipated.

  • Anthony , Lincolnshire

    The Pabobo Star Projector Calm Ocean is really good. It covers a huge surface area so baby can really be immersed in the colours and moving images. It has a nice under the sea effect and is pleasant to watch even as an adult. You are able to set a timer on it and it has a cry sensor so it can switch on automatically if baby starts to cry. This feature works well and i like that it has a soothing heartbeat sound rather than music that may wake baby... or me! It does have to be quite dark to get the benefit of the images, so not great for summer nights! However it's soft and looks cool and sounds great. My toddler likes this as much as the baby so it will last a good few years. I really liked this and would recommend it to my friends.

  • Cheryl , Shropshire

    I LOVE this product and everything about it. From the design to the colours it is incredible. The cry sensor makes it easier to settle your little one in the middle of the night and in actual fact since we have been using this our little girl has stopped waking in the night and started sleeping through till morning. We love the fact that it is washable as anyone with a baby will tell you as much as we try to keep everything clean the things in their cots can get grubby. I have used another product before and had to throw it away once it got grubby so the fact I can wash this is a big bonus.