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Snuggle Up Original Nursing Pillow

Category: Breast Feeding Accessories

Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2017 Award 2017

Unique Selling Points:

Ultimate Comfort for You and Your Baby
Designed to the highest of standards, our ergonomic Nursing Pillow offers plenty of support. It is specially designed to put your baby in the optimum position while feeding. Gripping to your waist, you can lay the baby on the flat surface to support them during breastfeeding. This relieves pressure on your arms and ensures that you are getting everything right, which is a worry to many new mothers.

Designed for comfort and convenience, our Nursing Pillow grows with your baby: comfortable rest, ideal for tummy time and a stabiliser when sitting up. The 100% Hollowfibre makes it firm enough for optimum functionality and our luxurious BabySoft pillowcase makes it soft enough to retain the perfect level of comfort.

We all know life gets messy sometimes. So we've specially designed our pillowcases with a subtle zipper that makes it fully removable and machine washable for your convenience. With a variety of seven gorgeous colours to choose from: Black, Pink, Sky Blue, Cream, Coffee, Chocolate or Purple, you're sure to find the right Nursing Pillow for you.

Some of the reviewers thoughts:
  • Sabela , Boston

    I love this nursing pillow. The softness of the foam makes it far more comfortable than other pillows being very manageable to fit around the waist or the hip while breastfeeding. You can also use it to place the baby in the middle, my little one fits perfect there. The cover is also soft and sort of silky (it relaxes me a lot touching it) but on the contrary it is made of polyester so although my baby doesn't have any skin problems using it bear this in mind with babies more prone to develop skin issues. I would definitively recommend this nursing pillow to mums or even to someone looking for a comfy and durable cushion.

  • Sophia , Hampshire

    The outer material was very soft and the pillow had enough give in it to make it comfortable to use. It was fairly cumbersome with a large baby and I'm not sure how much use it would be after the 6 month stage. It was nice to see that the cover was removable, although the short zip did make it quite hard to get the pillow in and out of its cover. It functioned ok as a breastfeeding pillow, but the packaging cheapened it.

  • Margot , Suffolk

    This very soft to touch pillow has proved to be very useful to me. Since my traumatic delivery and emergency C section, I have had to sleep with a long pillow between my legs at night to avoid pain on my hips, stomach and back. This pillow has been great at relieving the pain, and doubles up as a feeding accessory at nighttime, or during the day when laying in bed. Although the cover is very soft, I found it made my little boy quite hot and sweaty, like laying on a fleecy blanket. Other than that, it has definitely been very handy and I sleep well with it. I wish I had bought it whilst pregnant as I read on the instructions it can also help relieve Pelvic Girdle Pain symptoms.