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Sleepyhead Deluxe +

Category: Sleep Aid For Baby

Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2017 Consumer Choice Award 2017

Unique Selling Points:

Sleepyhead® Deluxe + has so many multitasking sensibilities, it’s the perfect product for newborns. Suitable for use as a co-sleeper, crib reducer, tummy time and changing station, nothing helps newborns feel more snug and cozy than their Sleepyhead®. The multifunctional pod is super lightweight and can be used anywhere, day and night. Uniquely, the Sleepyhead® Deluxe + can cushion the moro reflect in newborn babies, reducing their startle and stopping them from waking unnecessarily, allowing better quality rest. All parts can be washed at 60 degrees to maintain excellent hygiene, and the pod has been voluntarily tested for firmness and air-permeability Sleepyhead® surpasses all British Standards offering better sleep and peace of mind to mums.

Some of the reviewers thoughts:
  • Cheryl , Shropshire

    I absolutely love the sleepyhead deluxe. It is a fantastic alternative to a travel cot and what I would consider to be far comfier for baby. It fits easily inside the cot making your baby feel cosier and more comfortable. My little girl settled fantastic inside it and I personally felt that she was safer inside it. If we were going on holiday I would feel far safer and happier knowing that she was inside her sleepyhead deluxe than in a pram, travel cot or bed. I think the price is expensive for normal mums like myself but I believe the quality is fantastic.

  • Sophie , Derbyshire

    "When you're researching bay products to buy during pregnancy, the sleepyhead pops up a lot. Having used it we now totally understand why! It made our newborn feel as though they were being cuddled constantly so to give our arms a rest. The bottom mattress is gorgeous and comfortable and the padded bumper cradled our baby perfectly. The Sleepyhead Deluxe has definitely made my life a lot easier. Since using the Sleepyhead Deluxe+ we have recommended to any parent we have spoken to who are struggling with sleepless nights or baby sleep issues. We have also purchased the toy arch so that the sleepyhead can be used as a play mat too making it really great value for money. The design is just fabulous and it seemed to work 'magic' on our newborn so we purchased the larger version, the sleepyhead grand, which has also helped our toddler to sleep better too!"

  • Anthony , Lincolnshire

    I love the Sleepyhead Deluxe +. My son has gone from sleeping in two hour bursts to sleeping for four hours plus since using the Sleepyhead. He looks comfortable and it keeps him in a nice safe position. I also like that once he is ready to move from his bedside cot to his cot the sleepyhead can go with him and make his transition much easier. The Sleepyhead is completely washable which is great although you can't tumble dry the covers so you do need to think about this when washing. I tested the Sleepyhead with the white cover. I felt although it's very pretty, it also looks unfinished in white and also got very dirty especially where my son rubs his head. Having said that, it is available with other colours available to purchase. I love that the Sleepyhead can be moved around the house or taken on holiday with you and it's also fab for tummy time. I do think that for some people the price could prove a little high though. It's hard for me to see full justification for £120 but still, I would definitely recommend this as my sons sleeping has improved so much!