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Les Enfants Nursing Scarf

Category: Breast Feeding Accessories

Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2017 Award 2017

Unique Selling Points:

The Nursing Scarf by Les Enfants is made of 100% bamboo and is functional as well as fashionable. The smart design provides great coverage for discreet and modest nursing and still allows for eye contact with the baby. It gives you as a mum a comfortable and private moment with your baby at any time, anywhere, and will be the favourite accessory among mothers.
The breathable and lightweight bamboo weave offers both mum and child a comfortable temperature at all times.
It is easy to wear between feeds as a nice trendy scarf that goes well with all outfits.
How to use your scarf
• Wear it as a poncho if you would like to cover your back. To get a more scarf feeling just let it hang over your neck. Both ways will give you a comfortable and private feeling while nursing your baby.
• The neckline is wide so you easily can have eye contact with your baby during feeding.
• Swirl or let the scarf hang around your neck as a trendy accessory in between feeds.
•It also works great as a sun cover when carrying the baby in a baby carrier.
Our scarfs come in neutral colours without pattern and are easy to match with all your outfits.

Simply a must-have for all mums and babies on the go!

Some of the reviewers thoughts:
  • Sophia , Hampshire

    As soon as I unpackaged the Les Enfants Nursing Scarf I could feel that it was amazing quality. Made from a lightweight bamboo material, it was beautifully soft and very subtle in terms of its design. It definitely doesn't look like a nursing scarf, and I agree that it could actually be worn as a fashion accessory as well. My baby was a little bit fussy about having the material touch his face while he fed, and I found it a tiny bit awkward to keep this off him, even with the wide neckline. For younger babies this probably wouldn't be an issue, but wearing it in the way shown by Les Enfants didn't really work for me while nursing my wriggly 1-year-old. This meant that it didn't offer me anything more than a simple, large muslin would have, if all I was using it for was nursing. However I would imagine that the biggest appeal is for people who would typically wear a scarf (which I do not) and want something that has multiple uses. I did like that it covered my back as this meant I could get away with 'normal' clothes that I simply lift up to nurse. I also loved that it is very lightweight and could be worn to cover my baby from the sun when in a sling, although I'd be wary of doing this for too long incase it trapped heat underneath. It is a nice size to offer good coverage, yet squashes down to a small size still when not in use. The scarf came in a stylish, frustration-free box and would make a lovely gift. Definitely one for nursing mums who typically like to wear a scarf. A little expensive if all you want it for is a nursing cover, although the gorgeously soft material does make it feel like a lovely luxury treat and helps justify the price.

  • Sabela , Boston

    Nice bamboo fabric, light and soft. The greyish colour makes it a perfect accessory to combine with any clothing .It is easy to manage and provides a private environment for the mum and the baby without being too warm in summer. When wrapped around the neck it looks just like a normal scarf, but open out does provide full coverage. I would recommend this for mums who really need that privacy and feel comfortable covering the baby in public.

  • Margot , Suffolk

    This scarf is made out of 100% bamboo fibers, which makes it soft and breathable, perfect for when you want to feed baby discreetly. The colour is a nice light grey and it fits perfectly over your neck, leaving 2 long pieces of material either side of your neck to cover baby's head without risking him overheating. It will definitely come handy in colder weather when out and about. I really like this scarf and would definitely recommend it for mummies that are still feeling a bit insecure feeding publicly. It will also be a nice addition to your breastfeeding friendly wardrobe!