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HushCush Nursing Pillow

Category: Breast Feeding Accessories

Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2017 Award 2017

Unique Selling Points:

HushCush is a unique nursing pillow designed to provide comfort and support when breastfeeding , bottle feeding or just cuddling an infant. The sleeve stays securely in place, allowing you to hold your baby close, in the tummy-to-tummy position for optimum comfort, offering the feeling of safety and security for the baby. It helps to promote an ideal breastfeeding position for a healthy latch. Baby is elevated to the breast in a diagonal position to aid a healthy digestion. HushCush is small and discreet, perfect to use with every feed, when at home or out and about with the baby.

Some of the reviewers thoughts:
  • Sabela , Boston

    I found this pillow could be an excellent idea for breastfeeding or bottle-feeding as is meant to relieve pressure under baby’s head and mum’s arm and to give baby a cosy place to rest and feed. But, although the cover is beautiful and the foam very soft I must point out that I wasn't able to use it as my baby is very demanding when breastfeeding and to place her head to the right position using my arm with the cushion on it was not an easy thing to do, this could be due to cushion being a bit too big for this purpose. She was crying after a couple of minutes trying to accommodate her to the right position. The fact that I didn't have my arm free to manage my baby’s head made it difficult for both the baby and me. So I wouldn't recommend this for mums with demanding babies but could work for those little ones who take far more than 10 minutes to feed.

  • Margot , Suffolk

    I was really excited to try out this cushion as my little boy and I are struggling to manage any other position than the rugby ball hold, which makes going out and about that much more tricky. I thought this pillow could potentially help us master the cradling position across my chest. The pillow is nice and compact, definitely fits in a changing bag. The colours are lovely and the cover is definitely a bonus when you have a sickly baby. It fits well around your arm, although it does keep it quite warm and sweaty, especially on a warm sunny day! I personally didn't get on with it really well, I find it quite awkward to have my arm "stuck" and with very large saggy breasts, I found my baby's head was never at the right height. However, like I said, this is a very personal opinion from a mummy who struggles with positioning, so do take it with a pinch of salt! I think it is definitely a great tool to take out with you without having to take a much bigger feeding pillow which does not fit in your changing/hand bag. I would recommend it!

  • Sophia , Hampshire

    I thought this was a really excellent quality, well-designed nursing cushion that was the perfect size. Simplistic in appearance, you would be forgiven for not giving this product a second look. However once you take it out of the handy storage bag, the amazing quality is instantly apparent. The cushion itself is just the right softness, and I thought the material felt really nice. It came with a separate cover, which was a nice addition and meant I could throw that part in the wash as and when needed. Although at first I wondered how useful the carry strap would be, once I began using the HushCush I realised that I wanted to take it everywhere. This is when the strap was really handy, as I could attach the cushion to my travel bag or buggy. The clip means the strap can easily be removed if you don't think you'll need it, and the covers are designed to fit with or without the strap in place. I love how easy it is to find a comfortable feeding position with this, and being able to put your arm through the middle is surprisingly useful. Such a simple concept, but with such a wonderful result. Not only is it great for nursing, but I've also used this myself as a travel pillow. Where I might normally rest on my arm to get comfortable, I've instead been using the HushCush with wonderful results. This makes it extremely versatile and I can see us using this well after my baby has finished breastfeeding. For that reason I think it is worth the investment, even though it might seem like a lot to spend on one product initially. I definitely don't see it as just a nursing pillow - it is small enough to be a fab little travel pillow as well and I fully intend on taking it with us on our next flight. I'm going to see if it will slide over the armrest on a plane and give us something to lean on. Most importantly, whilst other nursing cushions can be cumbersome to use once your baby gets bigger, the HushCush doesn't suffer this problem - It is just the right size and shape and my baby has been very comfortable every time I've used it. A very well made product that exceeded my expectation.