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Chicco Boppy Feeding Pillow

Category: Breast Feeding Accessories

Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2017 Consumer Choice Award 2017

Unique Selling Points:

An ideal solution for breastfeeding, Boppy Feeding Pillow includes internal padding that provides support for the baby, while the exclusive insert allows Boppy Pillow to adapt to the shape of every mum without losing its original shape or being too tight.

After feeding, Boppy continues to play a crucial role in supporting a baby’s development as the pillow becomes a cosy nest which allows babies from two months to relax with their head slightly raised, assisting digestion and avoiding regurgitation.

From six months Boppy Pillow helps encourage movement training by providing a comfortable cushion that facilitates the development of motor experimentation and coordination. Finally, from nine months, the pillow helps support the baby to maintain their balance, training them to gradually remain seated on their own.

Boppy Pillow is available in five designs including Stamp Collector, Woodsie, Honey Bear, Wild Flowers and Tree of Life, the Silverleaf slip cover is also available.

Some of the reviewers thoughts:
  • Sophia , Hampshire

    The Boppy feeding pillow is nicely made and comes in a handy bag that makes it very giftable, however I thought it was quite an awkward thing to use. I feel that I would perhaps have more success if I were slimmer and with a smaller baby, as the shape of it made it uncomfortable to bend around my waist. It was also very firm, meaning the position of my baby when lying on this was too high up to nurse comfortably (again, this may not be the case with a smaller baby) It could be used to prop your baby up while you burp them, or also for them to lie on for tummy time, but my baby was already too old to need help with either of these things. The cover design was nice and I was pleased to see that it was easy to remove and machine wash. I like that the pillow can be used to prop up a baby who cannot yet sit by themselves, but I feel that overall the Boppy pillow has a limited use, and wouldn't be great after the 6 month stage.

  • Margot , Suffolk

    This breastfeeding pillow came really handy when my little boy was very small because after an emergency C section, it was impossible for me to feed my little one across my tummy due to the tremendous amount of pain I was in, so we were stuck in a rugby ball hold all the time, which wasn't easy at all when out and about. But with my Boppy, I could just place it slightly above my waist so it wouldn't hurt me and so I could feed my baby across my chest. It came everywhere with us for weeks on end, I couldn't have done without it! The pillow is nice and firm, which I thought was safer than a soft pillow so baby didn't risk to sink his head in it and was nicely supported on the breast. The removable cover washes really well and I found the colours didn't wash away. There are several attractive designs available, which is a bonus. All in all, this is an excellent product and I would definitely recommend it. It will definitely be used again for baby number 2!

  • Sabela , Boston

    The pillow has a comfortable shape but because it’s quite firm I find it difficult to put it around my waist. Adding to this it keeps the baby a little bit too high for breastfeeding so I ended up using the pillow to sit my baby on. It helps her to support her and see the things around her with a new perspective. I also use the pillow to support my back while breastfeeding and I must say it works better than any cushion I've ever tried. The cover is washable, 100% cotton and with a nice print.