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BikyBiky Kids Learn to Cycle Safely Vest

Category: Most Innovative For Toddler

Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2017 Award 2017

Unique Selling Points:

The BikyBiky vest is the easiest & safest way to teach your child to cycle, roller-skate and scooter without breaking your back! Walk upright beside them, grab the handle and help them balance, steer and guide them safely along the path to finding freedom on 2 wheels

In the event of any mishaps; simply lift up your child and prevent them from falling or getting tangled up with the bike - make their experience of learning to ride a bike exciting and pain-free. It is a great way for parents and children to bond, keep yourself fit and boost their confidence.

Professionally safety tested to hold up to 50Kg / 7½ Stone, Biky vests are machine washable and available in Blue, Green, Pink and Purple – comes complete with hanger, success certificate and is endorsed by the Dutch Road Safety Campaign (VVN)

Some of the reviewers thoughts:
  • Clare , Leicestershire

    So BikyBiky is a secure vest that children learning to ride a bike can wear and has a handle on the back that parents can hold onto to help children to learn to ride a bike without stabilizers. The jacket is very well made and my little one felt perfectly safe in it. We could happily suspend him from the jacket so I am sure they are perfectly safe. The handle could have been more substantial though, better to hold onto for the poor parent. I think it would definitely work if your child was pretty close to being able to ride and would give them the experience of balancing on their own, but I think it would take a lot of parent time to train them from a young age and unfortunately many parents don't have that time to spend, certainly not hunched over, that why I presume stabilizers were invented. For the quality of the product I think it's really good value for money, but I think it would depend on the child as to how quickly your child learnt to ride a bike with BikyBiky.

  • Vanessa , Scotland Argyll and Bute

    I'll be honest, at first I thought there was no need for this product. I usually just hold on to my sons bike seat to push him around and hold on to him, however, after trying this vest out I was pleasantly surprised. After a while of doing what I usually would my back would start to ache cutting our bike rides short. When using the biky biky cycle vest I'm not having to bend as low as I was doing before and I found I also had a better grip of my son. The quality of the material is superb and very hardwearing. I could actually pick my 2 year old and my 5 year old up by the handle on the back and it held them with ease! So I suppose it also doubles up as a fun way to play airplanes too!

  • Shaun , Lincs

    We had never seen anything like the Biky Biky before these awards but to be fair had never looked for something with this purpose. All children learn to ride a bike, I don't remember having an issue with it myself and my youngest is quickly getting the hang of things but my older children have some motor skills issues so at 7 and 8 they are still trying to ride without stabilisers. We have spent many hours pushing children around holding the bike seat and getting the back ache most parents experience at some point so when the Biky Biky arrived and we used it for the first time we were astonished. It's a product we never thought we would want. But it has made the practice so much easier, it also appears to give our children more confidence knowing that we are holding them rather than the bike. The range on this is great it fits all 3 of my kids so even if we weren't using it for them all right now we would still be able to use then pass down. Impressed - more than I expected to be and would recommend to anyone with children who are struggling to get rid of those stabilizers.