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Babies World BibEasy Baby Bibs

Category: Feeding - Bib

Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2017 Award 2017

Unique Selling Points:

Babies World BibEasy bibs are designed to take the hassle out of feeding and weaning and help to reduce the risk of skin irritations and rashes around babies chin, neck and chest. Made from super soft cotton, the integrated absorbent flap catches dribble and spills to provide extra protection for baby’s delicate skin. Our practical and fun bibs have adjustable snaps to ensure a secure fit- Available in a range of colours and designs.

Some of the reviewers thoughts:
  • Penny , Lincolnshire

    "More of a traditional looking bib, it is well designed. It has an extra flap at the neck which offers extra protection and absorbency. It's 100% cotton which makes it lovely and soft. It's quite thick making it quite absorbent. Due to the material it does require to be machined washed but it does clean well. With it being quite short it doesn't offer much protection when weaning. It comes in different colours with a number of different designs or sayings on the front; they would make a lovely gift. Overall, a simple and very reasonably priced bib made from good quality material that would be perfect for younger babies."

  • Katherine , Cornwall

    "This bib is very soft and absorbent so would be ideal to catch dribble but it is not really that great as a weaning or feeding bib. It has a handy flap to stop food and drink or dribble going inside baby's collar. However as it is not wipe clean or waterproof I found that water and milk quickly soaked through it. Food tended to stain it quite easily and though it washed well, the food stains haven't come out. It also doesn't really cover enough of my baby's front when she is eating to protect her clothes. I would recommend it to use for feeding bottles of milk or as a dribble catcher but not for feeding. On the plus side it is made from nice soft cotton and comes in different colours and designs."

  • Louise , Lancashire

    "The bib was a lovely baby blue colour with a ""Love"" motive on the front. There was an unusual and useful flap which tucked under my son's collar at the front of his neck to stop spills dribbling down his neck and onto the collar on his shirts. This is a great idea and really works. I would have however liked to have seen more coverage on the arms and shoulders from this bib, knowing how messy my one year is! However the bib washed well and was a pretty, standard sized bib that you could easily pop in to your changing bag."