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Walltastic – Walltastic 64 Piece Disney Collage

Category: Wall Decoration 2016

Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2016 Award 2017

Unique Selling Points:

Welcome to Walltastic the next generation of designer wallpaper collages for children, with 64 individual pieces containing your favourite classic Disney characters. Each piece measures 27.5cm x 36cm which when combined can cover an area up to 8ft x 10ft. Easy to apply, no matching, no cutting, no mess. Simply pick, paste & stick to transform any bedroom, nursery or playroom. This collage can fit any room size. With no set way of applying this collage, this can be used as a feature wall, a border, use on as many walls as you like or in as many rooms as you like. Requires wallpaper adhesive and imagination. Let the fun begin.

Some of the reviewers thoughts:
  • Sarah , Lincolnshire

    The design of the Disney collage Walltastic were lovely pieces. The designs were nice - bright, well drawn and were good quality. The attaching them onto the wall created some hassle and it would have been far easier if these had sticky back plastic rather them having to be attached to the wall with wallpaper paste. The actual mounting them on the wall was quite easy but this required buying and finding a suitable area to set up to do the pasting before attaching it to the wall. I would like to recommend that some of the 64 pieces did not have such large designs or even a border, as I would have like to trim them in order to fit around a sloped roof, but none of the designs really allowed this as they were all large and filled the A3 sheet. The packaging was well made, brightly coloured and showed all the designs on the back. The A3 sheets were well made and of high quality.

  • Faye , Suffolk

    If you like Disney then this product is great for you. Unfortunately, Disney does not fit in with our nursery scheme although it might suit a younger child. There's lots of choice of Disney characters so there's sure to be something for everyone. The quality of the collage was good but I couldn't help wondering whether wallpaper rolls are easier to put up and arrange than individual sheets.

  • Sophie , Derbyshire

    When the Walltastic collage arrived, my little boy was thrilled. He is 4, nearly 5 years old and was more than familiar with all of the Disney characters in the set. There were only a few that we had to look up the names of online! I'm not quite sure what I was expecting, although I didn't anticipate having to mix (and purchase separately) the wallpaper paste to apply to collage to the wall. Perhaps removable wall stickers would have been more appropriate. The quality of the wallpaper squares themselves was OK, thick enough not to crease when handled, which is great. with 64 squares of approximately 1ft squared each, there was plenty enough squares to go around my little boys room as a border or even enough to cover the whole wall if he had of wanted to. When i found out that I was to use paste to pup the squares up, I worried about getting it wrong and putting the collage squares on a little wonky! I ended up asking my dad, who happens to be very handy at wallpapering, to complete the task of putting the collage up! Once its up, its up, the wallpaper taste was stuck tight and removing it will mean a total redecoration of Jonty's room - so it's staying put! I must admit, I cringed slightly when popping the squares up, although Jonty loved them, my personal taste and the current taste of Jonty's room was far more classical and I have never been one for character merchandise. I put my mummy hat on though and reminded myself that it was Jonty's space and not my own, so what he liked won...and like the Walltastic disney collage, he did! Happy child = Happy Parents!