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Tuck 'n' Snug – Tuck n' Snug

Category: Toddler Bedding 2016

Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2016 Award 2017

Unique Selling Points:

Tuck n’ Snug is an innovative new concept in kid’s stay-on bedding that is transforming the lives of sleep-deprived children and their parents. Mum-of-two Annabel Anderson designed the product after enduring 1,000 sleepless nights with her own children. Realising that they were waking because their covers would fall off the bed in the night, leaving them feeling cold, Annabel created Tuck n’ Snug – resulting, quite literally, in overnight success! 
Using fabric flaps to secure the duvet cover and pillow case to the mattress, Tuck n’ Snug keeps children cosy and warm all night long, while still being able to move around - all without the use of zips, buttons or Velcro. 

Some of the reviewers thoughts:
  • Claire , Leicestershire

    So we all know the scenario, we move on from those wonderful baby sleeping bags to a duvet and pillow; you cannot keep the duvet on the child, he wakes up cold every night and you have to get up to him. To save you from this nightmare some bright spark invented the Tuck n' Snug duvet set. It is a really simple idea, you just need flaps on the duvet and pillowcase to tuck under the mattress and keep them in place. Now I will be honest, it doesn't work 100% but it does at least keep it all in the general area of your child so they at least have the option to pull it back on themselves, the pillowcase does seem to work perfectly. The sets are plain white with a choice of a dog or a cat embroidered on the duvet and pillow, they are really nicely detailed. The white cotton is very crisp and washes well, but isn't as soft as it could be. The Tuck 'n Snug is very reasonably priced considering it is ingenious, well worth every penny.

  • Katie , Northants

    A fantastic product. I really like how it tucks under therefore keeping my toddler warm and also adds a little security to stop him falling out of bed. Fits on single bed perfect. I personally like quite bright colours and felt that the white was quite plain. But this is just personal preference. Would definitely buy again.

  • Andrea , Lincolnshire

    This is a fabulous idea and the product is great, but I would like to see more colour options as I'm not a big fan of white bedding. It works pretty well too, although my little one found it a bit restricting so I ended up only tucking in one side and the end, this was enough to keep it in place but still gives him the freedom to stick his legs out as he often likes to do. Love the idea and fairly well priced.