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Snugglebundl – Snugglebundl

Category: Most Innovative for Baby

Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2015 Award 2017

Unique Selling Points:

The multi award winning Snugglebundl is the world's first baby lifting blanket. A luxurious soft cotton baby blanket with two soft strong handles that allows parents to safely and easily lift, lay and move their babies without having to bend or stoop, making it fantastic help for Mums recovery after the birth (even after C-section). The unique and gentle way that the blanket supports the baby's head, neck and spine means that lifting your baby in this way when they are sleeping lets you move them without waking, giving parents extra time to rest. The blanket has been designed to fit into all makes of car seat so that you can simply lift a baby in and out the car on the Snugglebundl and leave the car seat in the car. It also fits into prams, cots, cribs, supermarket trolley seats and Moses baskets so rather than having lots of different blankets you only need one. The Snugglebuindl also ties securely at the front to make a cosy wrap and by using one of the panels over a shoulder makes a great discreet breastfeeding cover. It really is one blanket with so many uses and the reason why it has gained so many parenting awards, 5 star reviews and endorsements from parents, baby health care professionals, midwives and baby sleep experts.

Some of the reviewers thoughts:
  • Matt , Lincolnshire

    Designed as a simple piece of material with a handle at each side, the Snugglebundl is used by placing the baby in it and lifting with the two handles, meaning you don't need to bend right down each time. As the material is shaped, baby is secure in the middle of the wrap and there is no worry of them falling out easily. Having had 2 C-sections, I can really appreciate the Snugglebundl. It’s great to snuggle your little one in at nap time, and I have used it on several occasions to lay my daughter down without disturbing her. As she is a light sleeper, it can be a struggle to lay her down without waking her, so the Snugglebundl is fab to keep her cosy and secure so that she stays asleep. I’ve also used it as a cover while we have been out and I needed to feed her. There is also a removable padded head support to keep them comfy and in the correct position - this is just poppered into place so can be taken out as they get bigger. The handles are also padded, with the material gathered and are tested up to 66lbs - so you can use the wrap comfortably for a long time. I think it’s a must for ladies that have had to a cesarean, but also fab to use around the house or with your pushchair to lift them safely and easily.

  • Pippa , Lancashire

    The Snugglebundl is one of those products I've admired for a while. It's a multi purpose blanket which can be used in a wide range of ways. The most obvious way is as a carry blanket. It's especially designed so you can place your baby on it then pick up the blanket's two handles and carry them inside it. This is great for mums recovering from caesarean sections or parents with back problems. Once you pick them up with the handles it's easier to lift them in to your arms. You can also swing a baby gently inside it to soothe them. We've been using our blanket in this way and it's great. My son is a long baby and his feet already extend past the end of the blanket but this has been considered in the design to ensure it's still safe. It also works great as a blanket in the car seat or pushchair and you can just fasten the straps around the Snugglebundl to make your baby cozy. You can also tie the blanket into a wrap, and use it as a breastfeeding cover too. We've been using the Snugglebundl in and out of the Moses Basket and Carrycot and It does make lifting my son easier. I suffered with SPD when pregnant and am still struggling with hip pain now so the ability to not have to bend over to pick him up has been useful. The blanket's design is very clever and your baby does feel really secure in there. It's really excellent quality and washes well too. The unisex multicoloured spot design is bright and colourful. I loved the ability to use it as a wrap as this was great to keep my son warm in the carrycot. I can even breastfeed when my son is in the Snugglebundl by using the outer side as a cover. It's incredibly functional. I definitely think this is an innovative product. When you get one you instantly start to use the functions without even realising it and they really do make a difference. I'd recommend it to any mums who are planning delivery by section but the benefits are of value to all parents, not just those recovering from surgery.

  • Kate , Devon

    I have been admiring the SnuggleBundl from afar for a while now, and now I have had a chance to try one I understand why they are so popular. The design is simple - it is basically a soft, stretchy blanket with sides that can be pulled in to create a hammock style lifting device. This means you can pop your baby on the top while they are sleeping, being changed or sitting in the car seat, and when you need to lift them you can do so safely and easily by simply pulling the straps to create the hammock around them. Having had a C section I can highly recommend this piece of kit. I placed Eliza on hers when she was in the hospital cot, and it meant I was able to reach over and lift her out without standing or bending. It meant I could get to her when I needed to without having to call a midwife. The design means it supports her head, neck and spine too, so I know it is the safest way to lift her. It ties at the front to make a cosy wrap style blanket and can even be used as a breastfeeding cover.