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Mumii – Charlie Banana One Size Nappy

Category: Reusable Nappy

Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2014 Award 2017

Unique Selling Points:

Charlie Banana is the latest reusable nappy to be added to the collection.

Charlie Banana is one of a new generation of reusable nappies, offering parents the flexibility of disposable and reusable absorbent pads.

Funky by name and funky by nature, the fashionable brand provides parents with a real choice. With over 30 designs, the one size fits all, combined with a 2-in-1 system means mums and dads have the best of both disposable and reusable worlds.

All nappies have a cute waterproof outer layer, and super soft fleece lining next to the skin, each nappy also includes two washable, quick-drying, microfibre inserts. These can be stuffed inside the back pocket to provide the nappy's absorbency. For a disposable option, simply lay the disposable insert on top of the fleece.

Available from, prices start from £10.99. 

Some of the reviewers thoughts:
  • Mumii Team , Native Media HQ

    The Charlie Banana One Size Nappy comes with two microfibre inserts that are inserted in to a pocket at the front of the nappy. There is then a flap over the opening that contains the moisture. Being microfibre, they are very quick to dry. Both the sizing is done through poppers which creates the right size for your little one. Available in some lovely designs and colours. Charlie Banana also offer disposable inserts so you have the option to use both. We love the wide elasticated sides that help to keep everything in.

  • Olivia , Hertfordshire

    Although I often find nappies with popper closings fiddly, these nappies were a revelation. The use of adjustable elastic (think bra strap style) meant that after the initial fitting it on the nappies fit perfectly and even after 5 hours there were no leaks. The soft fleece pocket meant that baby felt dry the whole time and the nappies themselves dried quickly. Their range of designs are nice but nothing that made me go 'wow'.

  • Becky , Kent

    These nappies look smart and fun and are a great fit. The adjustment mechanism is unique and well explained on the packaging. I found the fit very bulky, but the absorbency was good. A great nappy.

  • Ali , Devon

    The feel of these nappies are amazing, the absorbent panel sits inside a pocket under the most luxurious soft material that stayed dry against my baby's skin. Even though they are one-size, the bra strap style adjusters mean there is less bulk than other one size nappies as you don't have to fold anything over and you have complete control over the shape you need. They are fiddly at first but once you get the hang of it I didn't find them a problem and I loved the bright patterns, definitely ones to show off! They washed really well and dried quickly. As one size fits all nappies, these didn't seem too bulky with just one insert, which I found was all I needed with my 3 month old and we didn't get any leaks.