Category: New to Market 2017 For Baby

  • NEW! Little Angels Extra Soft Bedtime Washcloths are designed as a convenient and quick way to cleanse your baby's skin before bed.

  • The perfect sleep solution for parents on the go, the Bizzi Growin POD Travel Changing Bag ensures that an overnight stay away with baby is convenient and stress free.

  • Revolutionary bedside crib keeps baby safe in their own environment whilst also allowing close contact during the night

  • Makes a WOW baby shower gift and top celebrity pick. Made with luxuriously soft plush and durable backside fabric, Baby Mats fold for easy travel. Mary Meyer is the exclusive supplier. Machine wash, air dry.

  • Splash About has designed the most reliable baby swim nappy on the market today, the New Improved Happy Nappy. Its innovative ergonomic design offers maximum protection against faecal leaks in the pool.

  • An interactive toy with soothing sounds and gentle warm glow that will help settle your baby to sleep, whilst the intelligent CrySensor helps to keep them asleep when they stir.

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