Category: Breastfeeding Accessories

And the winners are...

  • The Milkscarf is a soft, light jersey breastfeeding cover that can also be worn as a regular scarf and is designed to be easy and quick to put on. 

  • A Beautiful and highly portable Breastfeeding pillow made from gorgeous fabrics. Remove the inner crescent shaped cushion and voila, you have a bag! 

  • Slim fitting reusable breast pads, shaped to fit the natural contours of the breast, reducing visible lines. Our ‘seal to skin’ binding keeps the pad in place to reduce leaking. 

  • Bambooty Booby Days and Nights RRP: £15 for 6 pairs

    Neat nursing pads in day or night weight absorbency backed with soft waterproof, breathable PUL fabric 

  • Minene's nursing shawl allows mum & baby to feed with privacy, confidence and style! Block out the outside world and allow baby to feed in a calm & nurturing environment. 

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