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Travel Highchair: Silver

Mountain Buggy Pod - £45.00

Mountain Buggy Pod
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Unique Selling Points:

• Comes with a custom fit, recyclable carry bag;
• pod clips easily onto a wide range of table tops and benches. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, pod is a great accessory for lunch on a picnic bench, or to keep your child entertained with crayons and paper on Nana’s dining table. pod can be taken to restaurants and cafes for a hygienic table solution, where conventional high chairs cannot be relied on;
• It is made with durable 300 denier & wipe clean fabric, with a padded back support over an ergonomic frame, to keep your child sitting comfortable for longer. The stylish colour palette is based from the popular Mountain Buggy swift, with the colour interior and sleek black exterior;
• Elegant in style, pod neatly clips on to your tabletop with a robust aluminium clamp that doesn’t take up all the room under the table! Not only is pod a fantastic travel accessory, it is suitable as a permanent clip on chair in your home.

Some of the reviewers thoughts:

  • Mumii Team, NT HQ

    Mountain Buggy are best known for their all terrain pushchair - but did you know that they have more than that to offer, including their 'Pod' travel highchair? It is a very robust and sturdy construction as you would expect from Mountain Buggy - and is built to last. It is very easy to fold and you can do so in a jiffy - and is attached to the table by solid aluminium clamps. It's a strong piece of kit that does everything that you expect it would, allowing your little one to eat at the table with you where ever you are. The only downside I have come across with this type of chair is restaurant owners being concerned that this style of highchair will damage their tables - a largely unfounded concern in my experience. I do love this travel highchair however, at £45 I do think that it is rather expensive.


  • Kelly, Lincolnshire

    I have used the Mountain Buggy in a few cafes and restaurants, and it easy to use. It attaches to the table with 2 clips that you can tighten as required. It has even be used on a picnic bench! The only issue I have had with the clamps, is that a restaurant waitress asked if it was going to make marks on the table! The clamps are made from rubber though, so didn't make any marks. There is plenty of room in the seat and my 15 month old sat low enough in it so that he couldn't attempt to climb out. It also has a harness and the seat wipes down easily after use. My little boy loved being sat at the table, and was kept high enough to use his own plate and knife and fork. I've also found it ideal for attaching to the kitchen work top when we have been baking or cooking, so that he can get involved. The clamps fold flat on to the seat, and it comes with a little bag, so it's easy to take out with you, hang it on the buggy handles or put underneath. 

  • Becky, Ramsgate

    This product is easy to use and allowed the child to sit at a perfect height at the table. Unfortunately some places were not keen on it being used as they worried it would scratch the table (it doesn't). Much stronger than I imagined and easy and very lightweight to carry. 

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